There should be an image here!It should come as no surprise that more and more local newspapers are having a hard time sticking around. We’ve been hearing about the decline of the newspaper industry for years now, and a lot of local newspapers are trying to increase their online presence in an attempt to stay relevant. Let’s face it, newspapers may be struggling, but local news is still important, and with resources like Patch, newspapers are going to continue to struggle at their own game.

Patch is a site that aims to provide local news and information (like business listings, events, etc.) online, and it does this by using select people who live in the locations as editors. This means that the local information will be put together by locals, and since Patch is all about the community, readers can participate by submitting content. As of right now, Patch is only available in select cities in a handful of states in the United States, but this method of bringing some organization and editorial direction to local content could help Patch to take off.