Google Video Improves The Viewing Experience

Google has improved the video experience in order to make searching and finding what you want easier.  With the ability to search through multiple result pages all the way watching a video and searching at the same time, Google is providing a new video experience. Over at their Google Video Blog, they state:

We hope that this feature will make your video searching and viewing more enjoyable.

Follow these steps to check it out:

1. Conduct a search using any query and click on a result to play a video.
2. While the video is playing, scroll to the bottom of the results and click back and forth between the pages of results. For example, click “Next” or “Previous”, or click on the page number.
3. You can also go to the search box at the top and perform a new search. New results will be displayed, but the current video keeps playing. 

So now you can enjoy video’s from across the web and also stay in touch with the latest news.

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Microsoft Windows 95 In Case You Missed It

I was reading an article about Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, sharing some thoughts while at the  “All Things Digital” conference. Bill Gates was asked about the high points in his career and he said:

“Windows 95 was a nice milestone.”

Which made me wonder. I wondered how many of the readers who stop by Lockergnome, remember Windows 95, or was it before their time?

Why was Microsoft’s Windows 95 a major milestone? In a nut shell it had a graphical user interface GUI and also incorporated DOS and Windows. It used what was called long file names, up to 255 characters. You could also multi-task, which at the time was a great feature.

But what else did Windows 95 have or do? Refresh my memory.

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