How well did you take notes while you were in school? Some of you were probably scribbling away without letup while another group of you may have been getting your beauty sleep during that bothersome thing known as education. The act of actually writing notes definitely has its place, but as someone who’s misplaced notes and spilled things on them, I know that handwritten notes aren’t always the best solution when it comes to taking notes. Internet access is a standard thing in many classrooms, and it’s just begging to be used to help you improve your notes and do things with them that you can’t do on paper. Give NoteSake a try to see what I’m talking about.

Whether you’re in a class and need to take notes or just want to take notes for any other reason, NoteSake is an interesting solution. Not only can you organize your notes, but you can quickly search through them, too. The service is simple and all about the notes, which is great. This means that you won’t have to go through a lot of complications just to find what you’ve written and saved. The notes are easy to format and tag, and you can even invite others to your group so that they can view and edit the notes with you. In other words, put down the pencil and grab the keyboard.

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