Asustek EEE Keyboard Could Be Here By October

Asustek may be finally getting their EEE Keyboard PC to market. If you are not familiar with the keyboard PC it is a keyboard which houses a Atom processor, 32 SSD, plus it’s own 5″ touchscreen. The unit could be selling in the $400 to $500 range when it is released.

Here is what the EEE Keyboard PC may look like:

The tech world has been terribly excited about the new Asus Eee Keyboard PC since the first pictures of it started to leak out several months back.

The specs have been confirmed as well; a 1.6 Ghz Atom processor, 1 GB of Ram, 16/32 GB SSDs, WiFi, and a wireless HDMI dongle. If you aren’t squealing with glee right now, you don’t have the right to call yourself a gadget nerd.

It should be interesting to see how PC consumers respond to the product. I would be skeptical of using the keyboard PC since I personally prefer a laptop. My current laptop also came with a full sized keyboard and 17″ screen.

What do you think? Would you buy a keyboard PC?

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PS This is not a unique idea. Cybernet has been selling keyboard PC’s for over 10 years.

Cybernet web site

Scribd – Where You Can Publish Your Works

Scribd is an Internet start up which proclaims itself to have some 60 million readers ever month. They state on their site that the purpose of Scribd is to provide a place where people can express themselves via their writings and have a built in reader base. They also say that anyone can get their works published by using their service.

Scribd also states the following information:

With Scribd’s iPaper document reader, anyone can easily upload and immediately share their original works on or any other website. iPaper transforms “print” files like PDF, Word or PowerPoint into web document — with all the fonts, layout and artwork that makes your document unique.

Your work can be shared with Scribd’s community of passionate readers, and because your document is indexed for search engine optimization, your screenplay, novel or even sheet music and recipes can be discovered by the world.

At Scribd, we built a technology that’s broken barriers to traditional publishing and in the process also built one of the largest readerships in the world.

So I took a quick trip around the site and found a document on how to ‘Speed Up Vista – Build Your Bullet Fast Machine With Vista.‘ This 41 page document is free to download and to distribute as long as it is not modified. This is a great way to find documents that may help students taking a Windows Vista class or to provide to clients.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think of Scribd.

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Vista document is here.

Home page of Scribd

Asus Eee PC To Offer 3.75G Internet Access

The folks over at Asus aka AsusTek Computer Inc., state that their Eee PC models will feature 3.75G Intenet Access capabilities to further enhance their netbook PC’s. Asus is taking the lead in netbooks, since first introducing the new models this year. Netbooks are light weight mini-laptops designed for the frequent traveler who wants a lighter laptop to lug around to bsuiness meetings or through airports.

In addition, the Eee PC’s also offer solid state hard disks and in addtion, Asus provides additional free online storage space. Asus in their press release states that:

Taipei, Taiwan, September 24, 2008 – ASUS today announced that it will be adding 3.75G connectivity* to its hugely-popular series of Eee PC™ netbooks, enabling convenient and high-speed access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. The inclusion of 3.75G is a perfect addition to the Eee PC’s™ existing set of travel-friendly features such as its high portability, shockproof data storage and all-day battery life—strengthening its reputation as the ultimate solution for computing on the go.

With 3.75G, the Eee PC™ will be able to deliver on its promise of borderless one-day computing better than ever before. No longer bound to Internet hotspots, 3.75G-equipped Eee PC™ users will be able to enjoy low latency mobile broadband Internet access at high downlink and uplink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and 2 Mbps** respectively, regardless of where they are—ensuring a seamless connected experience on the go. The Eee PC’s™ 7.5-hour battery life*** provides more than ample power to keep it up and running during extended outdoor excursions.

Frequent travelers will particularly welcome the timely addition of 3.75G support, which comes as service providers around the globe are ramping up their adoption of 3.75G High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA). This means that they will be assured of a reliable, high-speed mode of Internet access in many destinations around the world.

Asus also states that this new feature will be added in October, 2008 and beyond.

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Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack #1 – October or November Release Date?

You have to love this cat and mouse game Microsoft is playing on whether there will be a need for a service pack this year or not. In a previous article [here], I had mentioned that Microsoft representatives had stated that there would be no service pack, instead a series of hotfixes would be applied to Vista to correct some issues.

The contention is that Microsoft feels that Vista was so good right from the start that no service pack would be needed. There is also some discussion on the Internet that Microsoft may also feel reluctant to use a service pack that incorporates fixes for all problems, since some fixes only apply to specific situations. As you may recall, both service packs 1 and 2 for Windows XP had some undesired results after consumers installed the fixes.

The latest rumor is that service pack 1 for Windows Vista may be coming in October or November of this year. The CEO of Intel during a phone conference may have spilled the beans when he accidentally mentioned the October/November release dates. [Article here].But Microsoft is still playing hard ball and doesn’t want to confirm any specific release date.

Which brings up another thought. Was this actually a slip of the tongue by the Intel CEO or was it planned? Microsoft is a marketing genius when it comes to Windows. They are aware that many consumers and businesses are waiting for a service pack before they would even consider installing Vista on their machines. An October/November release would be ideal for the computer OEM’s who would love to have a highly profitable holiday season.

So what do you think? Will Microsoft come out with a service pack for Vista just before the holiday buying season?

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