Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises
Prank Pack fake gift boxes conceal your real presents inside and help keep snoopers at bay. [Image shared by Amazon]
What’s a Prank Pack and why would I want to use it against someone I like? Especially someone to whom I’m giving a gift? That’s a very good question, and I’m glad you asked.

The act of gift giving, if done properly, has always involved an element of subterfuge. Even people who are otherwise honest are given a free pass to be a little duplicitous around birthdays and holidays when gifts are exchanged. Think about it. We go out of our way to find out what our loved ones might want in secret so as not to tip them off that good things will be coming to them soon.

We may even go as far as to tell little white lies to press our targets for information without letting them know why we’re gathering such information. Then we sneak around to find, secure, and hide these appropriate gifts away from prying eyes so that we can wrap them up in pretty paper and present them when the time is right; ideally, the person opening the gifts will be pleasantly surprised and completely blown away by our mind-reading prowess.

The idea behind fake gift boxes is to add another layer to this gift giving subterfuge. The Prank Pack makes it look like your gift recipient is getting some kind of ridiculous product when their real gift is hiding safely inside. Observe:

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

The Prank Pack Itself Makes a Perfect Gift

The beauty of the Prank Pack is that the outside of the box will absolutely baffle the gift recipient and keep them laughing once they discover that a real gift is inside. There are many varieties of fake gift boxes, but let’s take a closer look at the one allegedly containing something called the Family Blankeez — the blanket that covers up to eight people!

A completely realistic product description (accompanied by photos of the fully faux Family Blankeez in action) graces the back of the box and tells us:

Blankeez is the enormous, ultra-soft blanket that covers up to eight adults or 16 children! With one sleeve at each end, two users can run a remote, feed snacks to others, or hold a leash while walking the dog on the boardwalk! Best of all, the Blankeez promotes teamwork and a sense of togetherness! Get together with a Blankeez!

  • 216″ x 72″
  • Ultra-Soft Fleece
  • One Size Fits Eight Adults
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • One Armhole on Each End

While the recipient may be initially relieved that they’re not, in fact, getting the Family Blankeez, they’ll probably hold on to the fake gift box as a memento of this humorous occasion… at least until they can pass it along to the next sucker!

This is either a great way to decoy real gifts from snoops or turn the tables on the prankster who always seems to be pulling gags on other unsuspecting victims. In other words, this is your chance to get even!

Buy your Prank Pack Family Blankeez today and let the pranks begin!

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

Don’t think the Prank Pack Family Blankeez are right for throwing off your mark? You’ve got plenty of alternative — and perhaps even more hilarious — Prank Pack options here:

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

Covert Escape Chest Pack Carries Your Gear

Covert Escape Chest Pack
The Covert Escape Chest Pack is well made and perfect for carrying what you can’t on your belt. [Image shared by Amazon]
The Covert Escape Chest Pack makes it practical to carry more electronic devices, tools, or other items than you could on your belt.

Why a Covert Escape Chest Pack Will Make Your Life Easier

The Covert Escape Chest Pack carries tools or other equipment in five configurations that suit your needs. The newly designed 2013 Covert Escape Chest Pack has been improved by using a heavier nylon fabric to make it tougher and giving it a plush quilted micro-suede interior. In addition, the manufacturer has added loop Velcro fasteners for attaching further holsters that allow the user to attach more equipment or tools. This convertible harness can be expanded to carry more items than could be carried on a belt — and more easily reached.

What Are Some of the Uses for the Covert Escape Chest Pack?

I have a good friend who is a fanatic when it comes to riding his bicycle. It is not uncommon for him to enter a race and go 50 or more miles in a single race. One of the problems he faces is his inability to carry some of the repair items he may need during his race. With this Covert Escape Chest Pack, he is able to carry tube patches, a multi-tool, a CO2 pump, and a change of clothes if needed.

His son went on a 115-mile hiking trek with his Boy Scout troop. The young man was able to carry a compass, flashlight, map, first aid kit, and other items that he could easily get to while hiking. This alleviated the need to remove his pack to grab these items on the fly.

There is also another use that I can see for the chest pack. During the recent forest fire at Yosemite in California, one of the items that people were forgetting to pack were their medications and it wasn’t until these people were evacuated that they discovered what they had forgotten and needed. A Covert Escape Chest Pack could also be packed ahead of time and used as a survival vest in case of emergencies. In addition to their medications, people could include a change of clothing and needed toiletries. If disaster — natural or otherwise — strikes, they’ll (to borrow a phrase from the aforementioned Boy Scouts) “be prepared.”

Get your own Covert Escape Chest Pack at Amazon and be prepared, too!

Microsoft Windows Home Server – Power Pack 2 Available

The team over at Windows Home Server have announced that Power Pack 2 is now available. The new Power Pack includes enhancements to remote access and other features that should make using Windows Home Server easier to use. On their blog site the team states the following information:

We are pleased to announce Windows Home Server Power Pack 2.  Power Pack 2 fixes known issues and adds new features to improve the Windows Home Server experience.  Enhancements include: Improvements to remote access configuration, enhanced functionality for computers running Windows Media Center, and content streaming support for Windows Media Center Extenders.  Power Pack 2 adds Italian language support on new home servers.

Power Pack 2 will be made available via Windows Update.  Users need to have Windows Home Server with Power Pack 1 already installed on their home server. Power Pack 2 will automatically install as part of Windows Update if Automatic Updates is enabled on the home server.  (How to turn on automatic updates.)  The English version release date is March 24th.  Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish is currently scheduled to be available before the end of April. 

If you are a Windows Home Server user, check out the link above on how to turn on automatic updates. The Power Pack for English will be available starting today. Other languages will be available starting next month.

If you are a Home Server user, let us know what you think of the upgrade.

Comments welcome.


Free Spyware Doctor Starter Edition

Over at Google they are offering a free copy of Spyware Doctor Starter Edition as part of their Google Pack package. The software download is about 15.4 MB in size so a broadband connection is recommended. Definition updating should be completed before running a scan of your system. On their web site PC Tools describes their software as:

Best Spyware Protection. Used by Millions World Wide.

Spyware Doctor has been downloaded over 125 million times with millions more downloads every week. People worldwide use and trust Spyware Doctor to protect their PCs from spyware, adware and other online threats.

Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors’ Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. In addition, after leading the market in 2005, Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005 and again in 2006.

Spyware Doctor continues to be awarded the highest honors by many of the world’s leading PC publications such as PC World, PC Magazine, PC Pro, PC Plus, PC Authority, PC Utilities, PC Advisor, PC Choice, Microdatorn, Computer Bild and PC Answers Magazine.

I ran a scan of my personal laptop system and the Doc found some 88 possible bad guys on my system, all with a low rating. I took a look at the stuff it found and it was basically cookie files that I dumped. I’m going to try the software for the next few weeks and see how it works. So far it seems like a no-brainer to use. I’ll give a full review around the end of the month.

Has anyone else tried this freebie? What’s your opinion?

Comments welcome.

More information and download is here.

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Prius Upgrade Gets 100 MPG Says Startup OEMtek

If you own a Toyota Prius and want to get better mileage in your ride, OEMtek has a upgrade worth considering. Or is it? Priced at $12,500 the upgrade is said to increase the mileage of the Prius to 100 MPG. That’s an expensive alternative for something that is untested. But according to OEMtek in a San Jose News article:

“There are people who want this right now, no matter what,” said Cindi Choi, vice president of business development and the de facto chief executive of the six-employee company.

OEMtek will be ready to convert about 30 Priuses as soon as March, Choi said. It has battery packs on hand and continues to do durability testing and other late-stage engineering work. Its Web site has a “buy” link where customers can pre-order the vehicle.

Choi’s “no matter what” references some questions potential buyers are likely to have.

It is interesting to read about some of the alternatives that some new companies are introducing. But the problem remains. What is the best option to eventually replace the standard gas engine?

Comments welcome.

Full article is here.

Google Pack Now With Star Office

Well Google has done it again. They have added a full featured Office Suite called Star Office to their already impressive Google Pack. The price? Free naturally. If you are not familiar with Star Office it is a suite of products including a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and data base software bundled into one complete package.

The download is large and Google highly recommends a broadband connection. Once the download completes, the installation package installs on its own with no fuss nor muss. After the suite is setup, you are now able to enjoy Star Office after a painless registration process. I found all of the softwares easy to use and very similar to MS Office.

On the Sun site they describe Star Office 8 as:

Enhanced usability, compatibility, interoperability, new XML File Format, and more developer features and tools all combine to make StarOffice 8 the best office suite value by far.

StarOffice 8 Writer

Whether you need to snap out a quick memo or craft an in-depth report with a table of contents, diagrams, and indexes, StarOffice 8 Writer makes it simple. New: Mail merge wizard and format paintbrush.

StarOffice 8 Calc

The StarOffice 8 Calc spreadsheet lets you calculate, analyze, and share your data quickly and easily. New: More rows per sheet and enhanced DataPilot (called PivotTable in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Impress

StarOffice 8 Impress is a full-featured presentation tool. Check out: Preformatted templates, Flash export and support for CustomShapes (called AutoShapes in Microsoft Office).

StarOffice 8 Base

StarOffice 8 enables you to easily create “self-contained” database documents with all relevant data, table definitions, reports, and forms. New: Table wizards make it easy for anyone to set up a database.

Star Office is a great alternative to MS Office and you can’t beat the price. Free. You can get a free copy from the Google Pack web site located here.

While you are at the Google Pack site, check out their other fine software products as well. All are free. My favorite program is Picasa for photo’s which I have been using for several years. I highly recommend this software as well. Oh yeah! They are all free.
Comments welcome.

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Google Adds More Tools To Google Pack

Google has added more tools to its every popular Google pack of software, making Google even more powerful. The recent additions of Norton Security Scan and Spyware Doctor Starter Edition both provide free tools to keep your system free of critters and bugs. And their new Google Photo Screensaver provides a nice touch for those looking to dress up the backgrounds of their computer systems.

Norton Security Scan:

  • “Detects and removes viruses, worms and Trojans
  • Warns you of spyware and unwanted adware that’s on your PC*
  • Easy-to-use interface helps you run and schedule scans” Plus more.

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition:

  • “Frequent Smart Updates ensure that you are always protected.
  • Detects, removes and blocks all types of Spyware and Adware threats.
  • Easiest to use with intelligent automatic protection.” And much more.

Google Photo Screensaver:

  • Display photos from your PC and photo sharing sites
  • Stay connected to friends and family with photo feeds” And more.

So if you are a user of Google Pack you can add these features to your existing array of other Google tools and software. If you haven’t tried Google Pack, you can download your own copy for free. Either way you are sure to enjoy these new added features and everything else Google Pack has to offer.

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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows Vista


I haven’t tried this on any of my systems yet, but if you do try it, let me know how it works for you.

“At last, Vista Transformation Pack has finally come out! Despite the name Vista, you’ll get whole new update and more functions. Get the awesome Vista look today!

Vista Transformation Pack will give to your Windows XP system the new and cool look of Microsoft’s future operating system: Windows Vista. The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop such as a dock bar or a different system tray clock”

Get the download from here.[tags]windows, xp, vista, transformation, pack, update, operating, system, [/tags]

Surviving The Group Project: A Note On Working In Teams

Groups can be wonderful or terrible, productive or stagnant, imprisoning or freeing, conformist or creative. In our personal lives, when a group doesn’t satisfy our needs, we can often walk away. But in our work world, this is usually not the case. This site will help you develop the skills you need to make sure your groups we are effective – whether you are the “leader” of the group or not.
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