Would You Use Microsoft's Works If It Were Free?

Since last August, 2007, Microsoft has been considering offering an ad based version of Microsoft Works. If you are not familiar with MS Works it is basically a shrunk down consumer version of the their popular Office Suite. Though limited in certain functions, MS describes their new version 9 as:

Microsoft Works 9 makes it easy for you to complete everyday household tasks. Take this brief tour to learn just how easy it is to get organized and keep track of schedules, budgets, tasks and more.

But Microsoft is slowly releasing a version of Works for free which is supported by advertising. The new versions of Works are being launched outside of the US with the first copies showing up in the UK. It also seems that Packard Bell is going to offer the new software on their systems as well.

Now the question is this? Would you use a software product if it contained advertising if the product was offered to you for free?

Comments welcome.

MS Works site is here.

Free Works article is here.

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Acer Takes The #2 Laptop Sales Spot

Acer is now the #2 seller of laptop computers in the world, now that they have completed their acquisitions of Packard Bell and Gateway. According to recently released sales figure, Dell was knocked out of the #2 spot by Acer. HP remains the leader of the pack for all computer sales with Dell trailing behind both HP and Acer in laptop sales.

Though Dell is talking a good game about trying to reinvent itself, it may take awhile before the once king of computer sales regains lost ground. There is still much criticism on the Net with continued complaints of poor customer service and some hardware problems as well. Whether these allegations have merit or not, it is going to be difficult for Dell to polish its image after some tarnishing during the past few years. Only time will tell how this will turn out.

Another company to watch out for is Lenovo. This re-branded IBM wannabe is not sitting in the wings any longer. It seems that Lenovo is charging full steam ahead in their advertising and also is making some inroads in the overseas market as well. I have also noticed a sharp price reduction in some of their models which may indicate a real serious strategy to increase their sales as well. Let’s not forget Toshiba a well. Toshiba makes an excellent product and has a reliable record when it comes to customer service.

It would seem that 2008 is going to be the year when who is in and who is out may become more clear. With other mergers a strong possibility, Dell is going to have their work cut out for themselves.

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