TLDR: Is 2017 the Worst Year for New Devices?

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All of Today’s Devices Are Imperfect – is 2017 the worst year for new devices?

Should Chris try the Samsung Note 8?

What’s the deal with the Razer Phone?

AMA also meant Star Wars questions mixed with lots of tech! Thanks for the Superchats!

How to Improve Your Smartphone Camera

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TLDR: 3 Thoughts From This Weekend’s 3D Printing Camp

Today’s Vlog: Something to Kawaii About (Vlog 1526)
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The Wonderful World Of Geeks

Not quite two months into our new venture, Geeks is still going strong, and gaining popularity with Geeks around the World every day. We have just over 8,000 members now, 3400 forum posts, and 2800 blog posts! Take a look at some of what’s been going on today.

Forum Threads

Blog Posts

Not to be outdone, here are the latest happenings over on Lockergnome.

If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for?

Firefox Users – Give This A Try

The debate on why Firefox uses large quantities of RAM or seems to suck up CPU cycles has been going on for way to long. I usually steer clear of the arguments, since when I do mention the topic, I am reprimanded for being anti-Firefox, a Microsoft shill and other unkind names. :-) But I am a big boy and usually let this name calling just slide off of my back.

But I also know that for some of us who do still experience high RAM usage by Firefox that the problem is real. I have also tried disabling all of my add-ons which didn’t do anything. So the add-ons theory of causing high RAM usage goes to the way side, though in some cases could be the cause for some of you. But I want us Firefox uses to try something for me and to report back your results.

Here is what happened. During the day I normally leave Firefox open using 5 tabs which are my web site The Blade, Lockergnome, Google Adsense, Google homepage and a blank tab used for searching for stuff. This works well for me and I normally will hover around 100 MB of RAM usage with zero CPU cycles. So the other day when Lockergnome was down, both The Blade and Lockergnome itself were replaced with Chris’s site I didn’t give it much thought.

So while I was waiting for Lockergnome to come back up, I left the tabs open and continued to another chore. About an hour into using the system, it starting to experience a severe case of hard disk thrashing, slowed to a crawl and basically was on the verge of being useless. I opened task manager and noticed Firefox was using 99% of the CPU and a whopping 237 MB of RAM and still climbing. I closed down Firefox restarted and all was well, so I thought.

I opened up the same sites, which included and wham! CPU and RAM went off the scale. So here is what I would like you Firefox folks to try. Go to and open two tabs for the site and let us know what happens. Your time is appreciated and please share your thoughts.

Comments welcome.

PS I don’t think it is the site. Or is it?

Halo 3 Slayer

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes

I received an advance copy of Halo 3 hanks to my friends at Edelman PR. I’ve already done a review on the game, and played Oddball.

I asked GamerAndy if he’s tried Forge yet; he indicated he hadn’t, but thought it would be boring. Dude! Hardly! How cool is it when you blow things up, record it, play it back and freeze frame it… then take screenshots?

Again in Slayer, just like with everything else on Halo 3 thus far, the graphics are just WOW. I keep using the word “astounding” over and over, but it truly is.

At least with Slayer, I died in vibrant color and detail! Who says I can’t be a true gamer? For those of you asking if you should get a PS3 or an Xbox 360… just watch these videos and decide for yourself.

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Had To Park Too Far Away? Here's One Way To Deal.

We live-streamed the unveiling of GM’s newest electric car concept fully at a substantially lower bitrate, but here’s the Segway segment from Ponzi’s perspective. Again, our position was not fully ideal – but at least we were able to capture the energy.

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A Chat With Dr. Thiesen About Hydrogen Cars

Ponzi and I had a rare opportunity to learn more about hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles with one of the automobile industry’s leading minds, Dr. Lars Peter Thiesen.

The GM HydroGen4 is the European version of the Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell. In fall 2007, the first of these fuel cell cars — a global fleet of more than 100 vehicles is planned — will be on the roads in the USA.

The HydroGen4’s fuel cell stack consists of 440 series-connected cells. The entire system produces an electrical output of up to 93 kW. With help from a 73 kW/100 hp synchronous electric motor, acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes around 12 seconds. The front-wheel drive vehicle’s top speed is around 160 km/h.

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Switching To A Mac – Pirillo Is Even Giving It Some Thought

When I read Steve Mermelstein’s article here at LG which indicated that Chris Pirillo has given some thought about switching over to a Mac, it made me wonder just what the heck is going on here?

I was trying to recall when I first got online and attached via dialup to the Internet. I believe it was in 1989 or so when I was living in the small town of Groveland, CA., which is located just off of Hwy. #120 as you are heading to Yosemite National Park. My wife and I actually were living in the resort community of Pine Mountain Lake, and their were no ISP’s back than willing to supply us with a Internet connection. So about 60 of us permanent residents got together and formed a computer group which basically consisted of PC users and a few Mac users which we considered a odd lot. :-) I say this with affection since they were actually very fine folks and smart as whips. We started to lobby two local ISP’s from the BIG city of Sonora, CA. [pop. 4,000+] to show them that there was a large enough base of potential clients to justify them spending money on the equipment necessary to get us online. It took six months of negotiation to finally get both ISP’s to get us connected.

Anyway, one of the first newsletters I subscribed to was being written by a kid from Iowa who called his newsletter Lockergnome by the name of Chris Pirillo. Over the years I have read his stuff and have always considered what Chris has said as being pretty much on the money. He was a die hard PC user and over the years we all suffered through the trials and tribulations of various versions of Windows and worked out the many problems together.

Also over the years I came to regard others in the technology field as not only experts, but as friends, such as Scot Finnie from Scots Newsletter Forum, Fred Langa and Robert X. Cringely mainly because of his dry sense of humor. As you may recall I did a article about Scott Finnie who gave up on Windows and switched over to a MAC. I must say I was surprised, because Scot has made his living writing about and informing us about Windows.

Now it seems that Chris may, just may, be considering making the same move away from a PC to a MAC. Which begs to question why? Why now? Though I can’t enter into the peoples brain and answer for them, I can venture a guess as to the why. In the past I have always followed the crowd and have gone with the latest and greatest Windows released and have always upgraded all of my systems when a new version of Windows was introduced. But with Vista this has not been the case. Not only does Vista require a huge hardware change, but for some it also requires investing more bucks into upgrading some of the software than runs fine under Windows XP. For some, OEMs have still not released Vista drivers for other hardware such as printers, scanners and the like.

As I have stated previously, I was one of the fortunate ones who was invited to Beta test Vista and received a free copy of Vista Ultimate from Microsoft, for which I thank them for. It gave me the opportunity to use the software starting back in November, 2006 when Vista went gold. But it has been over six months now and I am still not feeling the WOW. Sorry. But that is just my opinion about Vista. I have no intention of upgrading any of my other 4 systems to Vista, either now or in the future.

So to Chris I say this. I personally believe that switching over to a MAC is a wise and smart move.

If someone were to tell me a few years ago that I would of even said such a thing, I would of told them that they were nuts. :-)

So what do you think? Is it time to consider some alternatives to Windows? Or are you satisfied with Vista and won’t be making the switch?

Comments welcome.

See Steve’s article here.

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Windows Vista Contest, Hardware Site, Humor, and Pirillo's Picks

Microsoft is sponsoring a contest for “Vista prizes.” You locate the Vista logo on a sponsor’s site that has a four-digit code, which you then enter into the form for a chance to win. Vista Logo Contest. A guess on my part is that the prize packages may be copies of Vista. Just a guess. I wasn’t able to locate exactly what the prizes were. Good luck.

If you are not familiar with Tom’s Hardware site, you are missing out on some of the best hardware information on the Internet. He has become one of the renowned testers of hardware providing hardware tests, evaluations, and reviews now for many years. If you need some information on hardware you are thinking of buying, check out Tom’s site. Tom’s Hardware.

How to install Windows Vista – humor. Take a look here. And don’t forget about Chris Pirillo’s Picks. He selects some of the best Web sites for information that have something for everybody. And you still can’t beat the price of free! Sign up for Chris’s daily picks here.

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