Do you remember when having a lot of pictures used to mean having a lot of printed photos in shoeboxes and photo albums? These days, having a lot of pictures usually means having a lot of photos stored digitally on your computer or some online service. People may have thousands of pictures, but they never touch and feel them because they’re stored in a digital format. Digital storage is a great way to eliminate clutter, but sometimes having photos printed out makes a difference. Pixable enables you to create printed photobooks and calendars using your digital pictures.

Creating a photobook or calendar from scratch would be difficult, but Pixable has streamlined the process. In addition to being able to upload pictures from your computer, you can also import them from services like Facebook and Flickr, which is quite helpful because your pictures may already be there. Once your pictures have been selected, you just use their layouts, make modifications, and order the final product. It’ll look like you spent a lot of time on it, but you don’t have to tell anyone the truth.