Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone 8 Plus Comparison


* iPhone 8 Plus hasn’t seen much use since Pixel arrived
* Turning to my Pixel XL first

Multitasking (App Switching, Fluidity)
Fingerprint Sensor Unlock
Consistency in Nav (Back Swipe vs Icon)
Default Apps (Configuration, Value)
App Exit to Home Screen Speed
Web Page Scrolling Jank
Voice Control
App Store Availability
Browser Experience (Content Blockers)
Cohesive Design Patterns
Intelligible Layout
Animations / Transitions
Back Button / Swipe Back (Gestures)
Default Keyboard & Typing Speed
Landscape Mode
Dictation / Correction
Camera App (HDR!)
Performance Boosts with Updates
Star Wars app

*** NOTES: Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone 8 Plus Comparison ***
Pixel Positives

* YouTube is better on Android (background upload, PIP)
* Fast Charging adapter inclusion is good
* Photos are sharper on Pixel
* Photos have wider angle on Pixel
* Portrait Mode is more usable on Pixel
* Photos have default HDR (never needing to re-toggle!)
* Always on display is nice (could be brighter)
* Appreciate more control over design of home screen on Pixel
* Gboard is insanely better, more accurate autocorrect
* Google Assistant is largely more useful than Siri
* Voice dictation / text translation is more on-point compared to iOS
* Split-Screen possibilities
* ‎Reports suggest they’re fixing some shortcomings in software “within weeks.”
* ‎Transparent community support

iPhone 8 Positives

* I’ve definitely experienced jank, but less on Pixel than iPhone with iOS 11.1
* Sometimes, screen taps aren’t registering on the perimeter (https://t.co/tixh1nXraD)
* Video mic recording is tinny, can’t bypass in camera app (https://t.co/wBe6l8FoyA)
* Photos aren’t as vibrant on Pixel compared to iPhone
* Longevity of the OLED screen is a concern
* Finding alternative / new app equivalents (no usable Apple apps)
* I miss the swipe to go back from iOS at times
* I’ve experienced several inexplicable bugs
* Screen is more uniform in color vs OLED screen