iPad Pro vs Pixelbook


*** iPad Pro vs Pixelbook Notes ***
Multitasking (App Switching)
Style / Design Ethos
Jank (?)
Voice Control
App Store Availability
Browser Experience
Cohesive Design Patterns
Intelligible Layout
Animations / Transitions
Default Keyboard & Typing Speed
Productivity Promise
Battery Life

iPad Pro Review: https://youtu.be/F5fkbJpFIDc
Pixelbook First Impressions: https://youtu.be/-JEmCyPcU_A
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Pixelbook Review: First Impressions



Pixelbook Review: First Impressions
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  • Screen flashes / changes when “too much” white appears suddenly? Unsure if it’s hardware or software, but insanely jarring
  • Some button styles during the setup wizard are styled differently than other ones (like, legacy buttons that haven’t been tweaked yet)
  • Both video and scrolling are relatively smooth, but there seems to be a blur at times – as though pixels aren’t able to keep up (one video seemed to exhibit frame drops at times with high speed object)
  • Generally, items are responsive when interacting with them on the screen. There’s still quite a bit of jank, but not nightmare-scenario.
  • Screen wobbles pretty badly when touching in “laptop” mode.
  • Android apps don’t like the touchpad as much as they like your finger for interactions (Instagram)
  • Keep tripping the Assistant key accidentally (while trying to use the
  • Alt key for shortcuts, remapped to work like MacOS Command)
  • App manager can be a bit confusing – mixed between Chrome apps and Android apps, sometimes unable to tell which is which (Google Play Music)
  • Awesome to see Chrome extensions working
  • Worried about silicone palm rests wearing down / getting dirty
  • Backlit keyboard ONLY useful in VERY dark rooms
  • Touch input lag with Android apps
  • Lap play is just fine, balanced
  • Tent mode will prove to be quite convenient
  • Trackpad is taking some getting used to compared to bring accustomed to MacBook trackpad
  • Bonus: 2 Years worth of 100GB on Google Drive
  • Bonus: 3 Months of Play Music (Saving me on YouTube Red, Family)?
  • Kinda starting to feel like a $500 experience, not a $1,000 one
  • Battery life seems to be okay – so long as brightness isn’t at full power
  • Seemingly wanting to use it more than iPad – but I have to consider when, how, why I would use it

Razer Phone Thoughts Outright, the Pixelbook Has Arrived!


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