Microsoft Investor Pulls Plug – But It’s The Comments

According to the Silicon Alley Insider, one of the major hedge fund investors has pulled the plug on his support of Microsoft, and provided a scathing letter to his investors. Famed hedge-fund manager David Einhorn in a letter stated the following:

We wanted to share some thoughts on Microsoft (MSFT), which we closed during the quarter.  We believe that we purchased the shares at an attractive time, and for a good while the investment worked nicely.  As has been our habit of late, we overstayed our welcome as the shares peaked after the company announced a very good September 2007 quarter.

Since then, management has acted in an overaggressive and almost panicky fashion regarding its online offering.  First, it sought to acquire Yahoo! and then after that failed, it announced extremely high internal investment requirements to pursue this “huge” opportunity (read: “Google-envy”).  We doubt the opportunity is what they say it is and wish MSFT focused on its core strength: software.

The CEO is a very smart and very wealthy man.  Perhaps, he is so wealthy that he has bigger ideas and aspirations than making MSFT’s shareholders wealthier.  We’ve given upon MSFT for now as we feel better investing in companies where management at least appears to be trying to work for shareholder

Interesting observation. But that is not what I found to be the most interesting. It was this comment written by a disgruntled reader who posted this:

tomcat :

oh mother, that will be microsoft roadkill you people who dont know what stocks are will see the death of microsoft and the rise of red hat linux and china’s overtaking of world affairs and the death of america forthwith. americans will all go back to the forest and behave as monkeys and china will go foreward with space research and the future of mankind or shall i say china kind and chinese culture and the death of american extremeism and drugs culture.

Die america die .

Seems that there are some unhappy campers with America and our failed policies. Now that we have been drawn into a economic catastrophe that is now bringing down the world, it is understandable that some folks are upset by our countries actions.

Comments welcome

Source – Silicon Valley Insider

Source – Microsoft Watch where comment came from.

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