I Met a Man in a Prayer Group

I met a man in a prayer group who seemed very well educated. While attending breakfast together, we became very good friends and he told me his thoughts on my ministry and my life. He began telling me about his problems with his ex-girlfriend and how she said he was stalking her. He said he had dissolved their relationship and he did not know why she was saying these things about him or why she got a lawyer and was pursing the stalking charges. I don’t know who this woman lawyer is that is representing her and why would I be stalking somebody that I said goodbye to. He said, “I am feeling very bad over this. But how to you prove where I was three days ago when someone says I thought I saw him in my rearview mirror about 11:30 at night following me in a car? I don’t know if these charges could lead to a possible two years in prison.”

I told him, “I believe you are in a lot more trouble than you could ever imagine.”

Talking to him on the matter I told him he would have been better off prosecuted by the toughest attorney in town. Then I told him to find out who this attorney is and anything else you can find out about her. “I’ll seek the mind of the Lord for you on this matter.”

About two weeks later while vacuuming the floor, the Lord spoke to me in regards to what to do for this man.

“Start a new notebook showing everywhere he goes and it will be of a wire bond type of book”

The man said “The instructions are simple enough and I will think things over and call you back in about an hour.” When he called me back he said,”My attorney thought that was such a good idea he told me to go buy the stuff you told me to get and do that right now.”

“Now,” I said to him, “learn all you can about your ex-girlfriend.”

After the prayer meeting was over we went to breakfast and with a lot of expression in his face he said, “I took this other lady to lunch and asked her about my old girlfriend and she said a lot of things I didn’t know. She also said the girlfriend’s attorney receives government grants for the prosecution of women that have been wronged by a man and I realized then that I became a financial target. I told my friend how her attorney would add to the court case at the last minute so there would be no chance on his part to prove his innocence in court and to pass this on to his attorney.

Seeing him later, he said they got the case thrown out of court.

I have changed churches and have not talked to him since.

By Gilbert Steele ©