Life Is Challenging Me Again…

It was scarcely a year ago that I lost my father, Jim. I am sad to report the passing of my mother, Carol, late Thursday evening. She was 74 years old. If there can be any good news that comes from an event like this, it is that her passing was reportedly very quick and peaceful… and that I was able to reach my brother just a scant 14 hours before he was to board a plane from Ft. Bliss, TX to Kuwait (and Iraq thereafter). He is working his way home today (Friday). Getting back to Chicago from Texas is slightly easier than from Kuwait.

Fellow Gnomies, please excuse my using this forum to blab and blather. But I found it therapeutic when my dad passed away. So I’m giving it another go. My mom was about as unique as they come. To say that she was stubborn and strong willed would not do her justice. She was a study in contradictions… she could be outspoken and brazen, but warm and comforting. She could seem aloof, but was loyal to a fault. She was always proud of my brother and me, but always urged us forward to better ourselves. She worked very hard all her life. She will be missed.

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