Thanks to the Internet, file formats aren’t nearly as big of a deal as they used to be. Granted, there are still numerous formats for almost every kind of file that you can imagine, but the Internet is the equalizer. We have services that can stream videos in many different formats online, and we also have music services that can play your tunes through the Internet regardless of what format they’re in. What about documents? While we used to just upload documents to the Internet and have people download them to their computers, things have changed. Now you can view some documents straight from your Web browser, and services like Calameo enable you to publish documents in many different formats online. 

What Calameo essentially does is turn your documents into online publications that can be shared and embedded. Instead of just scrolling down to read more, you flip back and forth through the pages, insert bookmarks, and view the content in the way that you want to. Calameo is an international service, and you’ll see bits of French alongside the English. There are competitors, but no matter which solution you choose, overall you’ll be getting the same functionality.

YUDU Freedom

I create and view a number of documents each day, and I have to say, sometimes I get tired of viewing documents in the same way each and every time. If you’re not messing with documents very often, then you probably won’t be bothered by this, but people like me are exposed to documents so much that we want a different experience. I’m a big fan of books and magazines, and I like the format that they’re presented in. Even if your documents aren’t like books or magazines, you can certainly make them seem like they are with YUDU Freedom.

To get started, select a PDF to upload, enter your e-mail address, and provide some additional information. When your online publication is ready, a link will be sent to you, and you can then view it and share it with others. Your readers can add bookmarks and notes to the publications, and they can also view the content in a variety of ways. Don’t get me wrong, a boring document is a boring document, but YUDU Freedom will make viewing these boring documents a little more interesting.

What Are You Reading These Days?

Besides the obvious “I read Lockergnome” response, I am interested in which print publications those of you in the IT field are reading these days? Speaking for myself, I enjoy CPU Magazine, Linux Magazine and wait for it…PC Magazine.

But I am remain curious as to what other trade mags you, the Lockergnome readers, can’t live without? Perhaps it is something you only read on occasion? Maybe even a publication that you simply pick up while waiting at the check out of your local computer store. Whatever it may be, I am interested in hearing about it. Should you be so inclined, please take a couple of minutes to make your comments above and tell me about your favorite publications. Inquiring minds are interested, namely mine. See you tomorrow!