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My wife does the grocery shopping for us, and that’s a good thing because when I was on my own, going to the grocery store meant that I was just going to throw a bunch of random items in the shopping cart. It’s true that you need a game plan at the grocery store because if you don’t have one, you’ll be enticed by unnecessary items and end up forgetting essential items in the process. A good grocery list is your most important tool, and it doesn’t have to be scribbled haphazardly on the back of a napkin. ZipList makes maintaining your grocery list a piece of cake, which is something that you may even want to add to your list.

Your grocery list is maintained online, so it goes with you wherever you go, and you can even modify it with the available mobile apps as well as text messages, email, and IM. You’re able to sort the list by aisle, avoid buying things you already have, and share the list with others so that they can add their input and not complain about you forgetting something they wanted that wasn’t on the list. I also like the ability to search for recipes and add the needed ingredients to your list. This almost makes me want to be the one who does the grocery shopping, which is saying a lot.


There should be an image here!My wife will readily tell you that I can’t cook, and she’s absolutely right. It’s not that I don’t cook well, it’s just that I don’t have any experience, so I don’t even know where to begin. Like most of you who actually cook already know, a good recipe can make up for a lack of experience by giving specific directions, that if followed, will provide a delicious result. Whether you’re new to cooking or know how to cook more than just noodles out of a box, Cooklet will help you to get your cooking in order.

With this service, you can create and store recipes and search through recipes that have already been posted for inspiration. You’re even able to develop your own online cookbook that keeps the recipes organized. Of course, there’s more to Cooklet than just recipes. You can also learn more about how to cook, create shopping lists, and use tools like a measurement converter and timer. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m helpless in the kitchen, but hopefully you’ll be able to make use of Cooklet.

Recipe RX

When it comes to food, a lot of us approach it in a somewhat skewed way. Many times we think about what sounds good to eat, which is fine, but we should spend more time thinking about what would be good for us to eat. Each one of us has a different health profile, and if we ignore it, we could find ourselves in an unhealthy situation. A lot of people resist trying to eat healthy simply because they think it takes more work than just shoveling in whatever food items are near them at the time. The truth is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, and Recipe RX proves that to be true.

To use the site, you create your health profile by telling Recipe RX about your medical background, dietary needs, and even the types of foods that you prefer. This information is then used to provide you with recipe recommendations and even suggestions for restaurants that you might like to eat at. Yes, eating according to your needs doesn’t mean that you just have to stay home and can never go out to eat. You’re sure to discover things on your own that you’ve found to be beneficial as well, and you’re encouraged to share this information with the community.


If you asked my wife if I’m a good cook, she’d probably start laughing uncontrollably. Let’s just say that I’m not very good in the kitchen. My biggest accomplishments in a culinary way involve the microwave, so that gives you an idea of my skill level. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of experience, and I don’t really have the desire to spend a lot of time figuring out the ins and outs of cooking. With that said, if I had an easy way to determine what I could make, then I might be more encouraged to actually make something. CookThing wants to tell you how to cook anything.

The process is simple with this service. First of all, you select the type of dish that you want to make based on what’s available. Once you’ve done that, you select the ingredients that you want to use. One nice feature is that you’ll see the percentage of potential recipes that use each ingredient. After the ingredients have been selected, the real fun begins because you can see what opportunities are open to you. Yummy.

Yummy Funding For Foodista

foodistaOne might think that there is already enough in the way of recipe search portals out there. But what about recipe wiki sites? Clearly, Foodista is proving that there is indeed a demand here for those who are serious about food! In a funding of $550,000 from Amazon, Foodista is going to be in a position to take their tasty vision to the next level.

But I think a lot of people are going to be asking themselves as to whether or not it makes sense to have a wiki just for recipes? I mean, there are TONS of recipe sites out there already…most of which already allow their users to contribute easily when applicable.

After doing some food exploring, as it is called, I am more lost as to the appeal than ever? The site is attractive enough, yet is not really all that effective for helping to explore food or plan my next dinner. One thing it does well however, is showcase Amazon’s S3 technology…something that has little to do with food or recipes.

Dog Food Recipes v2

Tired of worrying about what’s in Fido’s dish after the big pet food scares of the past year? Make your own dog food! This free Dog Food Recipes program includes 130 homemade dog food recipes. Scroll through the recipe database to find the dog food recipe you want to try. Add notes to save with your favorite recipe for future reference. Easily add and save new recipes as you find them.

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5 Best Free Things That You Need Right Now

Where in the heck are the free wi-fi spots located? With summer just around the corner, many of us will have plans to travel soon or even for those who aren’t taking to the road because of high gas prices, would like to know where the free wi-fi spots are. Go to Free wi-fi hotspots for a listing in all 50 states right here.

Directory assistance 411 for free is a service that is adverting driven in that you have to listen to a 10 second ad before getting the information you need. But the service costs nothing and is easy to use. Dial 800-FREE-411.

Celebrating 10 years in business, All Recipes provides useful recipes for every occasion. From holiday cooking to a quick appetizer, All Recipes has something for everyone and the recipes are all free. See the entire collection of free recipes here.

My wife and I use this free service yearly to keep tabs on our credit reports. By law each of the credit companies must provide us with a free annual report. But the problem is where to locate a non spamming site that will provide you with the genuine reports. FreeCredit is the place to go and is located here. One word of caution. The site and credit agencies will try and sell you additional services. So watch what you select while getting your free reports.

Thinking about starting your own business? Need to write an effective business plan? The SBA [Small Business Administration] has free online courses to assistant you in meeting your goals. These free tutorials cover everything you will need to get you business up and running in no time. Check out their site here.  

Comments welcome.

Reader Erik provided this additional information.

The best website to use is which was set up in response to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It’s the official site for getting your free credit report.

Thanks Erik.

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One of the best ways to learn something is by example. This learning process can be conducted through written or spoken words, but it’s usually done through actions. Reading or hearing something is one thing, but actually seeing it in action takes things to a whole new level. I know that I learn things best when I see them, and since my wife is wishing that I knew my way around the kitchen a lot better than I do, I probably should follow along with the video recipes on

Once you arrive at the site, you’re sure to find some recipes that sound appetizing, and as was mentioned, the beneficial thing about is that you don’t just have to give the recipes a try all by yourself because the video recipes will walk you through what you need to know, and this is beneficial for cooking novices and experts. Members can even showcase their culinary prowess by uploading their own video recipes for the community to learn from, and the results are delicious for everyone that’s involved.

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I love to eat, but I’m not a cook by anyone’s definition. For me, my top specialty is Ramen, and if you think I’m joking, just ask my wife for confirmation. Thankfully for me, she can whip up some fantastic meals, and that means that my diet doesn’t have to solely consist of noodles. My health thanks her. If you ever watch the Food Network on television, then you know that a serious community of foodies is alive and well. If any community deserves an online social network, then it’s this one, and BakeSpace seeks to fill that need – with barbecued ribs.

BakeSpace is just like any other social networking service except for the fact that it’s geared for cooks. I guess I’m not invited, eh? Once they’re a part of this service, members can expect to be able to create a blog, customize their own virtual kitchen, meet other cooks, and find and share recipes. There appears to be a cornucopia of tasty recipes displayed on BakeSpace, and you’ll even find things such as celebrity recipes and directions on how to make treats for your dog or cat. Hey, animals have to eat, too.

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Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss – by Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book, Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss is actually a holistic approach that combines both conventional and alternative methods for regaining health and losing weight. Dr. Hyman, editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, provides a vivid road map for individuals to follow who want to restore their health and increase their longevity.  

According to Dr. Hyman the secret of dieting, found on pages 159 and 160, comes as no surprise as it includes calorie restriction, eating a healthy breakfast and exercise. However, he does not stop there as he goes on to explain how what you eat and how it is prepared is important to your overall health. In the explanation, he reveals the importance of a three-phase system which includes first detoxifying the body by ridding it of poisonous ingredients (such as sugar and salt). The second step is to reintroduce foods slowly to determine if you have an undiagnosed allergy to any specific categories, and lastly to then plan what you can safely eat to maintain weight loss, as well as, keep you healthy and free of the diseases associated with obesity. One of the things that amazed me, however, was that many of the things that I had believed were bad for you like olive oil, nuts and avocados are actually, what we are deficient in. 

Throughout his book, Dr. Hyman cites sound research, including endnotes, that validate his work as he joins his extensive pieces of information together to show how irritating ailments like itchy feet, dandruff, and fatigue can often be tracked to what we eat. Additionally there are recipes and shopping lists included that offer the reader a resource for implementing the plan. One problem I had with his research, however, was his claim that simply eliminating dairy, corn syrup, and transfats from a diet would guarantee weight loss. I believe that for that to be effective someone would not be able to simply supplement the undesirable foods with artificial sweeteners, potatoes or an overabundance of any other food and still be able to lose weight. Another difficulty I found with the book was his preference for foods that the average American will have difficulty finding and when they do find it priced outside of their budget.

Overall, the book it clear, easy to understand, and gives solid advice which I think many readers would find quite helpful. Therefore, if you are willing to change your eating habits and try a new approach to a healthier you this book would be a good investment. [tags]book review, Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss, Mark Hyman, Weight Loss, holistic, natural, recipes, health, cure fatigue[/tags]

Lonely Blogging?

Here’s an interesting question to pose: Are most bloggers reaching out to the world because they are lonely? I don’t really believe this is the case myself. Granted, I’m sure that there are those individuals out there who are blogging as a not-so-subtle cry for help, but over all I think people blog because they have something to say.

Also, self-expression is not just something that has to be done in the same old format that you see everywhere else. I mean, we have a number of new Lockergnome bloggers expressing their thoughts and opinions on whatever they want. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, email Pirillo and tell him about it. You might just find yourself blogging with your very own Lockergnome blog!

And finally, for those of you who love to cook, can’t or simply do have time to write, but have a fantastic recipe or two that you want to share with the world, hit me up over at my own non-Lockergnome related recipe site. Contributors will be able to share a static link to their own projects both in each posting as well as on the Web site’s list of contributors.

Right now, we are in negotiations with a couple of popular cooking show video-podcasts and things are really beginning to pick up for our upcoming “RecipeCast.” Once we settle on a show, the show and recipe itself will be made available via iTunes. Yes, this means you can actually receive a printable recipe for the show you just watched via your favorite media aggregator. Things are definitely beginning to get interesting within the online community these days.


Recipes With The Geek In Mind

With the week coming to a close, I thought I might take the opportunity to see if there were any Gnomies out there who are passionate about cooking and are comfortable with writing on a twice a week basis? The position is for a project that I am working on and is a volunteer type of gig. The benefit is that you will be able to be syndicated via RSS and iTunes, in addition to being in a position to promote whatever you like about yourself. Promote a new company, project or even your favorite charity – the sky’s the limit.

What the heck am I talking about here? Basically out of frustration for not finding recipe websites that offered me recipe ideas the way I want. No RSS, not Pocket PC friendly, absence of tagging and no ability to email forward a recipe without cut/n/pasting it. I have really put a lot of work into this project; even if the design is more function that attraction. But the focus is clear, geek features are the key and I have busted my butt to make sure nothing has been left out.

As things stand now, we have new recipes going up every weekday and visitors can view, rate and offer comments for each of them. Running on a dedicated server, I plan on making this count for all of the geeks out there who love cooking or simply love to talk about it.

Oh, one last thing. I am also needing to find someone who can take some of the functionality of the WP Advanced Search Plugin and add some more functionality to it. If you are good with creating plugins, interested in writing a recipe column to promote your own efforts elsewhere, please me – let’s talk. Links to be provided a little later on.



I’ve repeatedly talked about how lame I am in the kitchen, and despite my best intentions to improve, progress is never made. I stay so busy during the day that the idea of even taking the time to sit and think about what I could potentially cook and what it would take to do so is exhausting in and of itself. Now that I’m newly married, my wife has taken over the kitchen and created some truly delectable meals, however, I still want to take some time out of my schedule to learn some cooking techniques from/with her and eventually get to the point where I can create a delicious meal for her. Thanks to Snacksby, I can start with ingredients instead of full recipes.

To me, the process of studying a full recipe can be rather daunting, but if I begin by focusing on any ingredients that I may have on hand or be comfortable with, then I can move on to the next step of food preparation. With Snacksby, you type in the ingredients that you have available (even the specific amounts), and you’ll then be provided with various recipe options that contain the ingredients that you specified. If you like a certain recipe that you see, then add it to your shopping list, save it to your recipe box, make it, and then comment on your results for the better good of the cooking community. One thing in particular that I like about this site is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is good, because I don’t want to have a serious discussion about food – I just wanna eat it.

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Antivirus Vendors Shift to Automatic Fees

I have read elsewhere that most security software companies had adapted this policy under the guise of keeping their customers protected. But the unfortunate thing is that it makes it difficult for the consumer to opt out from using the vendors wares. Some of us like to have options. And some of us no longer pay fees for subscriptions and have discovered that free products are just as good.

Read about the free options that are available.

“Annual charges are typical and sometimes hard to stop.

It took Michael Kelly just minutes to buy McAfee’s software. But getting the antivirus vendor to stop charging his credit card was another matter altogether.

McAfee is on the vanguard of a new trend in the security software industry: selling software as a service that is automatically billed each year. McAfee began automatically renewing customers in 2001, but over the past year the practice has become much more common, as Symantec and Microsoft, with its new Windows Live OneCare Products, have adopted the automatic renewals.” [Source: PC World].

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Kurzweil: Computers Will Enable People To Live Forever

This is a very interesting article and what may happen in 15 to 30 years. And though it may see far out, just look how fast technology has improved just in the past 10 years. I think you may find this article very enlightening and entertaining as well. I sure did.

“The inventor, author, and futurist predicts that in 15 to 30 years, nanobots will roam our blood streams fixing diseased or aging organs, computers will back up our human memories, and conference calls will be replaced by meetings in virtual resorts.

In just 15 years, we’ll begin to see the merger of human and computer intelligence that ultimately will enable people to live forever. At least that’s the prediction of author and futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Kurzweil told a keynote audience at last week’s SCO6 supercomputing conference that nanobots will roam our blood streams fixing diseased or aging organs, while computers will back up our human memories and rejuvenate our bodies by keeping us young in appearance and health.

The author of the book The Singularity Is Near, Kurzweil says within a quarter of a century, non-biological intelligence will match the range and subtlety of human intelligence. He predicts that it will then soar past human ability because of the continuing acceleration of information-based technologies, as well as the ability of machines to instantly share their knowledge.”

Full story here.

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