Backup – Free- Power Tools

Yesterday I spent some time using the backup feature in Vista, which by the way works very well, when I just happened to remember a Free tool that works very similar to what Vista features. Prior to using Acronis for my backups, I had previously used a Free power tool from Karen Kenworthy which is still available.

Replicator – this freebie will back up files per your schedule to any source, including a network drive, and can even be set to skip files on certain dates and just backup at a specified interval. The software is quite easy to use and the user can also specify entire directories or select a entire hard drive to backup.

With this in mind, I did a mini experiment since I haven’t used the Replicator software in some time. I had recently received a 2G USB drive as a present, so I thought I would see if Replicator could automatically back up a folder from My Documents for me. I selected the source folder, told the software to back it up to the USB drive, and set a time to do the backup. Viola, at the specified time the folder was placed on the USB drive automatically for me. No strain, no pain.

Which made me wonder. Would Replicator work with Vista? Worked perfectly. I was able to backup files to a USB hard disk without a hitch.

Limitations: Replicator is a software program that is designed for the casual user, who wants to backup his or her personal files and is not intended to replace third party imaging software designed for full hard disk backups and restoration in case of catastrophic hard disk failure. It is easy to use and is designed for the novice who doesn’t want to pay big bucks for a backup solution.

And it’s Free. :-)

You can get Karen’s Replicator from Here.

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