Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit

There should be an image here!In-depth and comprehensive, this Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit delivers the information you need to set up, deploy, and manage a Terminal Services farm using Windows Server 2008. You get authoritative technical insights from Terminal Services experts, including guidance from members of the Microsoft product team — along with essential scripts and resources on CD.

Get expert advice on how to:

  • Install and configure role services, and learn how they support business cases
  • Apply best practices for securing terminal servers and authorizing executables
  • Use Group Policy to configure a terminal server environment
  • Redirect devices effectively to make a remote experience feel local
  • Install and publish applications with TS RemoteApps programs and TS Web Access
  • Create a secure, fault-tolerant WAN access solution using TS Gateway
  • Manage terminal servers and user sessions with command-line and graphical tools
  • Keep server roles available and restorable through change management, including virtualization approaches

CD features:

  • 8 sample VBScript scripts
  • 8 sample Windows PowerShell scripts
  • 250+ links to tools and toolkits, documentation, Webcasts, labs, and classes
  • Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions From Desktop to Datacenter eBook
  • Network diagram and sample files
  • Sample chapters from related Microsoft Press books
  • Fully searchable eBook of this guide

Searching Registry From Command Line

Jim Boyce of shows us a command-line registry search alternative that will save you time and effort when working with Windows 2000 Professional. He writes:

If you work with the registry at all, it is likely that you have spent some time searching through the registry in Registry Editor, looking for keys or values. The registry can contain thousands of elements, so finding the one you seek can be time-consuming.

If you are looking for a command-line alternative to registry search, whether as an alternative to Registry Editor or to integrate in batch files or scripts, the Windows 2000 Resource Kit has a solution for you.

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Installing Applications As Services In Windows 2k

Install your own service or configure an app to run as one. Windows 2000 columnist Jim Boyce walks us through it. In, he writes:

Not all Windows programs run in a window and provide an interface to the user. Instead, some programs run as services. Services generally run behind the scenes in a system context and do not provide interaction with the desktop (although some do).

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Lock Drives On Windows 2k Machines With Floplock.exe

Jim Boyce of write:

One Windows 2000 Resource Kit utility that can help you better secure your systems is Floplock.exe. Read this tip to find out how Floplock.exe makes your computers more secure.

From the conception of the first computer virus, floppy disks have posed a very real security risk for computer users and IT managers alike. Although e-mail and Web browsing are often the distribution method of choice for today’s viruses, floppy disks still pose a risk. In addition, the presence of removable devices such as floppy drives and writable CD/DVD drives increases the risk of data theft or misuse.

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