Wireless Industry Sues San Francisco – Protests Radiation Disclosure Law

Wireless Industry Protests Radiation Disclosure Law – States Law Is Misleading Consumers.

San Francisco is being challenged by the wireless industry [CITA] concerning the cities new law which requires radiation warnings for all cell phones. The wireless people believe that the law will mislead consumers into thinking that one phone may be safer than another. In addition the law does not address if cell phones are a hazard or not. There has been no scientific evidence to positively conclude that using a cell phone causes any type of health risks. In addition a recent article also states that:

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, specific absorption rate, or SAR, is “a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body.” For a phone to pass FCC certification and be sold in the United States, its maximum SAR level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. In Europe, the level is capped at 2 watts per kilogram while Canada allows a maximum of 1.6 watts per kilogram.

My question to you is this. Should we consumers be concerned with the amount of radiation our cell phones give off?

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Over at CNet they have provide a list of phone ratings for the SAR levels to help you determine just how much radiation is coming from your cell phone.

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Source – CNBC