I Knew I Should Have Bought That Sunday Newspaper

I usually buy a Sunday newspaper for several reasons. The wife likes going through the ads and I browse the news and sports sections. But as I previously mentioned, the newspaper of late has shrunk down to about 1/2 of what it had been, yet the price went up to $2. So this Sunday I decided to skip the paper.

As many of you know, I write a bi-weekly computer column for a local newspaper back in California. During the past few months the newspaper was reorganizing and my column was put on hold. Though I had submitted a column last week, I was unsure if it would get printed or not. So today’s email came as no surprise. I wasn’t fired. I wasn’t laid off. I was a victim of the shrinking paper. No space for me any longer. But there were some kind words that if space became available, I would be the first one they called.

Welcome to the recession. I don’t buy a Sunday paper, which has an effect on the local paper here. In California, as revenues shrink and people stop buying papers, the paper size shrinks, and with it I am shrunken out of a column.

I seriously doubt I will be writing another column for the paper. Printed newspapers and magazines may go the way of the dodo bird. The Internet has taken over as our main source of news, entertainment, and communication.

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Holy Toledo – A Smart Supermarket Scale

Well a new smart scale is being introduced in Europe at some 300 markets for testing. What makes the scale so special? The scale can determine the kind of fruit or vegetable a consumer has placed in a clear bag and than price the produce by weight. The camera built into the scale and even determine different types of Apples which are very similar. According to this article, it further states:

Some supermarkets make you weigh the fruits or vegetables you buy and put the printed sticker with the final price on the bag. A new scale developed by a German Fraunhofer institute contracted by Mettler-Toledo is automatically finding out what you kind of fruit or vegetable you have put on it. 

There are also lots of supermarkets where the cashier is weighing your produce purchases. If you buy something a bit out of the ordinary they always have to look it up in their map, which can take quite a while. The smart scale camera system could also find its use at cash registers next to the bar code scanner. 

Amazing. With technology like this, it will further the day when no cashier will be needed in order to check out at the grocery store.

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Making a Weight Loss eBook

Making a Weight Loss eBook

What the heck is this Windows fanatic doing – writing about losing weight? That makes no sense, as everybody in Gnomeland is in peak condition (and he’s the only one who could stand to lose a few pounds). Assuming the preceding statement is false, I’m going to move forward with sharing my weight loss experiences with everyone – as enough inspiration has already been spread through our little discussion list. In total, I’d guess that some of us have already lost a combined weight of 20lbs in the past week or so. I wish I could’ve lost twenty in the past week on my own, but that would have been entirely unhealthy to do. Regardless, I think there’s strength in numbers – which is causing me to formulate an idea that could benefit the lot of us.

Wanna share your weight loss / maintenance / health secrets with the rest of us? Tips and tricks could be geeky or not! I’ll get the ball rolling with a few bulletpoints, and I’m hoping that you can do the same. If you can, send those tips in to me ASAP – preferably in a semi-organized list format. Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Let’s inspire each other to keep going forward! Be sure to include your name and URL if you’d like to have credit for the submission. When I’ve collected notes from about 50 of you, I’ll issue volume one of Lockergnome’s Guide to Losing Weight. At the end of the day, we’ll have a small compendium of tips that might just help another Gnomie find his or her way to a happier body. Here are a few of my favorite geeky weight loss tips:
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