Android Rumor Now Is September 16, 2008 – Maybe

Hot off the presses. Android may arrive on September 16 [?], 2008. That is the latest rumor making the rounds on the Internet. But is it true? Your guess is as good as mine. This is one of those ‘reliable sources’ rumors that no one identifies to confirm the validity of the rumor. Also included in the article are some pricing, which may also be pure guess work. The article states the following:

Scare you? Good, well during the presale of the G1, T-mobile customers can pick up the phone for $150. This is where it gets interesting, we’re not seeing any prices for new activations during the presale, so this could mean that only current T-mobile customers can pick up the G1 during the presale. Other customers interasted in the G1 may have to wait until beginning/mid October before a national public launch. Many users have seen the recent video circulating the next claiming to be the HTC Dream (AKA G1), and have been complaining about the ugly white color. Well we have good news for you too, as the G1 will be released in black, white, and brown. Being 3G enabled, the HTC manufactured G1 will unfortunately require its own data plan from T-mobile, which we expect to be more expensive then current data plans. Interastingly enough (maybe not so much knowing Google) users will be required to have a Google Gmail account for the phone to work. So far expected specs include 3G, a 5″ long by 3″ wide touch screen, and a slide out Qwerty keypad, and no mention of UMA or Wifi. We’re really excited for this all-too-secret device to hit T-mobile’s lineup. Stay tuned to TmoNews for more information coming soon!

Update: The HTC Dream (G1) will have a 3.0 megapixel camera. The presale will last 1 week, and be for existing customers only. Employees are not included in the presale, sorry! Presale begins Wednesday, September 17th, and 3G will be a large aspect of this device. Use your imagination.

I think that one statement says it all: Use your imagination. That is exactly what it is. But one can hope this rumor is true since many of us have been patiently waiting for a Google device for a long time.

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