Only 14,000 CR-48 Notebooks Shipped – More Are On The Way

If you signed up to join the pilot program for the Google Chrome OS, you may still have a chance to get a free notebook computer. It seems that Google is rolling out the computers slowly, with the first shipment of 14,000 completed. It is estimated that a total of 60,000 free computers are to be shipped. Why the slow progress for shipping the Chrome computers?

According to one article it stated that:

One of the major reasons for delay in shipments could be the fact that Google is waiting for feedback of the device already shipped from the users. If Google had shipped all the 60,000 notebooks at one go then it would have become humongous task to deal with bug reports of the device in the small period of time. Delay in shipment avoids this problem to a great extent.

This does make sense. In just three days since receiving my CR-48 computer from Google, I have filed nine bug reports. Nothing major, just a few minor annoyances.

You cannot stream video from Netflix. An error states that the browser is not compatible.

Flash seems to be problematic. I have blocked Flash and it does seem to help in my browsing experience. Some sites seem to work better,

I tried Scribefire, which crashed and locked up the system. I received an error message asking if I wished to terminate the process or wait. I chose to terminate the process, which uninstalls the extension.

On the plus side I was able to install the browser extensions Zemanta and After the Dealing, which work for my blogging site. It also appears that my blogging site is working better than it first was. My blogging site for Lockergnome appears to have sped up some since installing a Flash blocker.

AdBlock works fine, as does the extension WOT [Web of Trust]. I am also using WeatherBug, and that works very well thus far.

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Source – Chrome Plugins

Walmart Is Offering Free Online Shipping To Increase Sales

Walmart is going to be providing free shipping on their online Web sites beginning now until December 20, 2010, The retailing giant is hoping to increase its sales by using free shipping as an incentive to consumers to do their shopping with it. They company hopes that this offer will lure shoppers from the likes of Amazon and other online retailers this holiday season.

One recent article states that:

But given Walmart’s scale and influence in the marketplace, its free pass for shipping sets a new high — or low — in e-commerce. And it may create an expectation among consumers — free shipping, no minimum, always — that would make it harder for smaller e-commerce sites to survive.

Walmart says it will not raise prices to offset shipping and will not press shippers, like UPS and FedEx, to absorb the costs. But Walmart and other big retailers already have low-price contracts with shippers, and the stores maintain distribution centers nationwide that reduce shipping distances and costs.

For smaller retailers and Web sites, which pay regular mail rates and may ship from only one location, free shipping is not nearly as affordable and often must be added into prices.

This is one statement that I agree with:

Retailers say that shoppers have already started to revolt against shipping fees. While consumers are sensitive to what an item costs online, shipping costs can have even more influence, according to market research.

I will not order an item online from any retailer when I see a high shipping and handling rate. I have seen some items offered for sale on Amazon or eBay where the shipping fee is more than the cost of the item. If online retailers want my business, they’d better offer free or low-cost shipping on the items they sell.

What about you? Are shipping costs a factor in your online purchases?

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Source – NY Times

If You Love Norton Anti-Virus You Are Going To Love This Deal!

Over at they have what appears to be a deal on Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus 2010 software. The single licensed version is only $15.99 and includes free shipping. The software also includes anti spyware software as well.

Here are the system requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later Home/Professional/Media Center

Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate

Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 300 MHz or faster processor
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB RAM required for Recovery Tool)
  • 200 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive (if not installing via electronic download)
  • Email scanning supported for POP-3- and SMTP-compatible email clients

    Browser support for Vulnerability Protection feature

  • Mozilla Firefox® 3.0 and later **
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 32-bit 6.0 or higher ***
  • Comments welcome.

    Check out the deal here.

    Dell Has An Image Problem

    Not even considering the circus of events I went through when I foolishly believed Dell was capable of selecting a shipping agency with a clue, it seems that overall, their choice of shipping companies has really begun to further erode the Dell image. What is interesting is when I speak with Dell users on the enterprise side of thing, it’s all roses. Helpful tech support, competent deliveries of new items, the works.

    Yet somehow the ball is dropped when it comes to Dell non-enterprise customers. Why? That is a great question – because honestly, some of the PC products are pretty good. Truth be told, if you buy a Dell product from Costco, I have found that the buyer ends up with a fairly good product. Best of all, they do not end up with the nightmare of hoping that ordering it through the mail/online will translate into a lot of wasted time waiting for a machine that may or may not make it to the destination!

    What say you? When building it is not really an option, order the PC/Mac online or buy it local? Hit the comments, let’s hear the verdict.

    Netflix To Offer Credits For Shipping Delays

    Netflix has announced to some of its users that there could be some shipping delays. The email I received stated that two of my DVD’s were experiencing a delay in getting to my home. This was surprising since Netflix has always been one of the best online services that I have used. I did check their site and noted my DVD’s would be sent on Friday instead of on Wednesday, which is a minor inconvenience.

    Nteflix also states that a credit will be given:

     IMPORTANT: Your DVD shipments might be delayed…

    We’re sorry to report that we continue to experience issues with our shipping system, so some of you are not receiving DVDs in a timely manner and some of you have not received emails letting you know we got a DVD back from you.

    We apologize and we’ll be automatically issuing credits to all of you whose shipments have been delayed. Our goal is to ship DVDs as soon as possible and to provide a personalized email update to you if your DVD shipment was delayed.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused you and thank you for your patience.

    It would be nice if all companies were as consumer friendly as Netflix appears to be. They at least take responsibility when there is a problem and offer a credit without being asked.

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    Click here to learn more

    Mitsubishi 60" DLP HDTV At $1399 – Deal Or No Deal?

    I received this ad this morning from Tiger Direct which is offering what appears to be a good deal on a HDTV. The ad is for a Mitsubishi 60″ DLP HDTV, with an instant discount of $200 [no rebate required] and is listed for $1399 with free shipping. The unit itself appears to have all of the bells and whistles.

    I went to the Best Buy site but the model was not available. Over at Cirsuit City they are asking $1599 for the exact same set. So the $200 discount does appear to be real.

    The spec’s on the set are:

    • 3D Ready
      All Mitsubishi Diamond 1080p DLP HDTV’s are “3D Ready”. This feature allows you the ability to be immersed in your favorite video game, movie or sporting event. As more content becomes available in 3D, this functionality will develop into one of the most exciting HDTV experiences.
    • Easy Connect
      Connectivity made easy! Mitsubishi’s ClearThought® Easy Connect simplifies set-up and day-to-day use. During set up, it recognizes each input as it is plugged in, prompts the user to name it, enters it into the Device Menu and only shows used inputs.
    • Front USB Input (5MP Photo)
      View 5 Mega Pixel Photos on your Mitsubishi TV in startling HD clarity. Easily connect a USB thumb drive or USB Card Reader.
    • 3 Rear HDMI™ 1.3 Inputs
      HDMI™ (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI™ provides an interface between an audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver and an A/V monitor, such as a digital television (DTV), over a single cable. HDMI™ supports standard, enhanced or high definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. It supports all ATSC formats.
    • Front Component Video Input
      Front component input for easy connection of HD sources such as video games and video cameras.
    • 2 Rear Component Video Inputs
      Inputs have 480i, 480p and 1080i capability.

    So the big questions is, deal or no deal?


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    Dell – Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrades Shipping – Sound Drivers Also For Some

    Just a quick note: 

    Over at the Dell blog there is a announcement that Vista upgrade disks should be shipping shortly. The kit will contain 2 DVD’s, one for the Vista operating system itself and a second DVD with help to assist the user with the install, including drivers.

    Some of you have mentioned that you were having trouble getting your Vista upgrade since the Dell system would not register your service tag number correctly. Well on Dell’s blog they are asking you to submit comments with your email address so that Dell support can get a hold of you.

    Just curious? Has anyone bought a non-Dell system, i.e. HP, Acer, Gateway, or other OEM system and have you had the same problem getting the disks or new drivers? Or is it just Dell that seems to be having a problem?

    Dell Blog. 

    Comments welcome.

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