One of the biggest problems with the Web services that we have today is that many of them require you to upload and store your files with them. While this may not be a problem on its own, once you start spreading files across a number of different services, things start to become very disconnected. After all, who wants to have to go to a handful of different services just to find the photos that they want to see? Showzey is a service that liberates your photos by bringing them together.

I’m all about having everything in one place, so I like what Showzey is trying to do. Not only can you collect pictures from Flickr and Picasa, but you can also get them from Facebook and even your Gmail account. That’s important because people still like to send pictures as e-mail attachments even though there are plenty of photo sharing services out there. Once your pictures have been collected, you can copy them between sites, share them, create RSS feeds, and so on.