Windows Phone 7 Unlocked

One thing that the Windows Phone 7 folks seem to be getting early on is allowing people to mod aka hack their phones to a certain extent, is good for everyone. It’s great from a PR perspective as it provides Microsoft with plenty of free positive press. There is also value in allowing users to decide how they installed their mobile software.

With Windows Phone 7 unlocked, users will find that it is possible to do something called sideloading. The idea with sideloading software is that people can install mobile apps without needing to rely on a centralized software store. USB, tethered mobile devices, etc are all examples of sideloaded installation options for sideloading software.

What is awesome about this is that you can actually unlock your Windows Phone 7 device simply by using a simple executable. Nothing fancy, but it works easily. Why does this matter? Because it means that potentially ordinary users may be able to share apps easily.

Now clearly there are some downsides to this platform over Android or the iOS. But more and more, I am seeing advantages that are difficult to ignore.