Microsoft Wins Deal To Install Crapware On HP Computers

Just when you thought we would be getting away from more ‘crapware’ on new computers, Microsoft and HP strike up a deal to install more gunk. Microsoft has announced that HP computers will come with Microsoft Live Search Toolbar which will take advantage of Microsoft’s wonderful new Silverlight technology.

According to this press release which states:

 Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has won a key distribution deal with HP, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, to install a Live Search-enabled toolbar on all HP consumer PCs planned to ship in the United States and Canada, beginning in January 2009. As part of this deal, the default search engine setting in the browser on all HP consumer PCs will also be set to Microsoft Live Search.

“This agreement with HP is a strategic indicator of our increased focus on securing broad-scale distribution for Live Search,” said Kevin Johnson, president of the Platforms & Services Division at Microsoft. “This is the most significant distribution deal for Live Search that Microsoft has ever done, and we are very pleased to be partnering with HP to help bring Live Search to millions of consumers across North America.”

Microsoft is building a custom, Live Search-enabled toolbar for HP customers that takes advantage of the exceptional user experience capabilities of Microsoft Silverlight. The toolbar will provide HP with customization capabilities within the buttons on the toolbar, providing quick and easy access to a variety of online services and tools, such as Snapfish by HP, the company’s online photo service, and HP customer support.

The PR goes on to use words like ‘user friendly’, customizable’,  ‘favorite online services’ and the best one of  ‘Microsoft shares HP’s passion’ .

Which translates into something that the average consumer may not want nor need.

I’m sure Google will be taking a close look at this. It smells of the old Microsoft prior to the DOJ fiasco.

And you thought Bill Gates was really going to be gone! :-)

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