So many people are trying to lose weight nowadays, and it’s not always an easy battle. In a number of locations in the world, tasty foods seem to be around every corner, and it’s unbelievably sad how some of us can have access to any type of food that we imagine at any time of the day, but in other parts of the world, people are really struggling to even provide the necessities for their families. Food temptations are definitely in front of our faces, and if we take advantage of them too often, our bodies could begin to tell on us, and we may pay for our actions later on in life. If you’ve been moved to go on a diet and you want to keep track of the weight loss progress that you’re making, then take a peek at Skinnyr.

The site allows you to create a weight loss graph, and by diligently posting your current weight day-by-day, you’ll be able to visually see the progress that you’re making. If the line on the chart is going up, then you know that there is definitely some more work to do, but if the line is steadily going down, then it’s party time. Skinnyr doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that this humorous approach is a refreshing change from the norm when it comes to weight loss. Who knows, maybe you and a couple of your friends can even have a competition to figure out who is the weight loss champ over a period of time?

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