Gateway Makes An Apple Clone

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the desktop box was boring and it needed to be replaced with a new design. In walks Gateway with their new One ZX190 model. Sleek, slim and a beauty, this new system rivals Apple in style. Gateway describes their new system as:

Never before has the PC world seen such beauty and power in one machine. The technological marvels of the Gateway® One include a sleek all-in-one design featuring an integrated 19” widescreen, genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium, Intel® dual-core processing, a no-clutter environment thanks to wireless connectivity and a revolutionary power module, plus a “hidden” speaker system that delivers eight-channel hi-fi audio thanks to cutting-edge NXT SoundVu technology. Plus, you can interact with your friends with a 1.3 megapixel webcam and transfer files from your digital devices and burn personalized disks with the slot-loading SuperMulti drive. A Media Center remote control allows you to manage and share your digital library. Need more filespace? Easily add a second hard drive in a back-panel bay.

Take a look at this new Gateway. I think ou will like what you see.

Take a look here.

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