Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal Puts Potter on the Potty

Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal
Like Emma Goldman during her undocumented years at Hogwarts, you can be the first on your block to symbolically flush all world governments down the drain with a clever interpretation of the message on this Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal. [Image shared by Amazon]
Whether or not you use the throne of your home’s “reading room” to catch up on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, wouldn’t it be quite the statement to adorn the lid of said throne with a Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal? The ghostly Moaning Myrtle would gladly put one in every stall if only she could hold onto them for long enough to affix them accordingly.

If you — a being belonging in the corporeal world — have never applied a vinyl sticker, decal, or slogan to a wall, don’t worry; the process is fairly simple. As long as you have patience and take your time, you should wind up with a smooth, attractive design in the place of your choosing — in this case, the inside lid of your newly made Potter potty.

Impress Visitors When They See Your Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal

Not only will you impress visitors, but you will share the inspirational Ministry of Magic slogan: “This Way to the Ministry of Magic.”

The Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal includes these features:

  • It’s approximately 10″w x 10″h.
  • Easy to follow instructions are included with your order.
  • Black is the default color.

What Makes the Slogan “This Way to the Ministry of Magic” Appropriate?

The Ministry of Magic, as mentioned in the Harry Potter novels, is the government of a secret, magical world. Like most governments — whether magical or muggle — it’s a corrupt, incompetent monster of a machine run by powerful and either out-of-touch or simply uncaring officials who act in their own interests over the good of the overall constituency.

So what happens once you install your Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal on the inside lid of your Potter potty? Nothing by itself, but it lets you make a statement every time you push the handle and send away whatever is deposited into the bowl. It’s like flushing away your worries — and the overreaching power of every convoluted world government as represented by the Ministry of Magic — easily and effortlessly.

While it may make no real difference in world affairs, it almost feels more effective than voting!