SourceForge Learns A Critical Lesson

When running a Web site of any real size, there is bound to be some blowback and other related static. But what was happening at SourceForge ended up a lot worse than it had to. It seems that malicious advertisers had their way with a popular open source app.

Apparently some unscrupulous advertisers were pretending to be the open source audio editor, Audacity. And in prompting users to click the ads, some folks were exposed to what seems to be malware. Clearly, these were advertisers seeking to con people into clicking ads. It’s too bad, really.

The good part of all of this is how SourceForge responded to the issue. While it may be a little late on Audacity’s calendar, it does demonstrate that it learned a valuable lesson. When users are complaining of problem ads, fix it immediately. As SourceForge points out, sometimes the filtering is not something that can be done automatically, but generally manual filtering is possible.