SportsFanLive – Where Sports Fanatics Meet

There is a new kid on the block that claims that it will be the place that sports fanatics will want to meet and to challenge their knowledge among other sports enthusiastic. The basics of SportsFanLive is to become the Facebook of sports and not just another site spewing out scores and stats. Users can join for free and once on board can start their own site to share with family and friends. Also available is the ability to bet on your favorite team minus the exchange of real cash.

According to this Time article, the owner of the site describes his goals as:

Mr. Katz, 36, believes that his Web site,, which will be formally released this week, will find a substantial following with his versions of customized content, social networking and fantasy games. He believes his competitors have grown overly stodgy and too congested for fans to wade through.

“Those other sites are fundamentally all the same,” he said, calling them “imbued with traditional media DNA.” He added that they are “not built for the next generation and for the evolving needs of sports fans.”

So will Mr. Katz be able to get his new site off the grown? He should be fairly successful since he was the head of Yahoo’s sports department until leaving in 2006. He appears to have worked on his idea and took his time developing s sports site they will be different the the traditional, ESPN, CNN, or other sport sites. Though he will offer fantasy play having the ability to share sites is going to be his biggest advantage.

So what do you think> Will SportsFanLive be something you would be interested in?

Comments welcome.

PS The site is in Beta testing so there may be some hiccups. :-)

Times complete article.

SportsFanLive site is here.