Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter
For those times when you seek to boldly slice where no pizza has gone before, there’s the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter [Image shared by Amazon]
Enthusiastic about at least one incarnation of the Star Trek franchise? As far as science fiction staples go, it’s an enduring testament to the spirit of human adventure that began on our TV screens in the ’60s and continues today with big budget Hollywood films. Here’s a handy little device that not only hearkens back to the original, Kirk-helmed series, but serves a practical purpose, too. The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is the perfect gift for Trekkies (or Trekkers, if you prefer) of all ages. This unique pizza cutter is actually a replica of the USS Enterprise, the starship that zoomed around the Milky Way Galaxy at warp speed with Spock, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, Scotty, Bones, and the rest keeping an eye on things.

Slice Your Way Through Pepperoni Using the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Yes, Star Trek fans, slice your way through pepperoni (or toppings of your choosing) as you take the controls of the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter and propel yourself into pizza heaven. As Captain James T. Kirk, you will be going where no man has gone before… or when you finally cut your last slice of pizza.

This unique conversation piece and kitchen implement is described as:

  • Classic design of the USS Enterprise
  • Cutter made of laser-etched stainless steel
  • Zinc-chromium alloy secondary hull and warp nacelles for you to grip
  • Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
  • The only logical thing to use

A True Piece of Collectible Memorabilia

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is more than just your ordinary pizza cutter that you can buy at any retail store. This pizza cutter is a sturdy reminder of television and movie history. Who doesn’t recall the USS Enterprise — complete with its NCC-1701 designation — hurtling through space in the 23nd century, traveling to distant planets, meeting both friends and foes, alike, in the darkness of space?

Why buy just any pizza cutter when you can have one that’s also fun to use? Here’s a pizza cutter that not only lets you effortlessly grasp the intricacies of cheesy pie navigation, but happens to be beautiful, to boot. The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter also comes with its own foam-lined box for storage during those pizza-free evenings when the crew is on shore leave.

There is also a sad part to this pizza cutter. It is so pretty that you may struggle with getting it dirty and it may just sit in your drawer, hidden away in the storage box, only to be seen by those special people who are true Trekkies (or Trekkers!) and worthy of holding such a fine tool in the palm of their hand.

Loot Crate Brings Subscription Boxes to Geeks and Gamers Alike

Loot Crate Brings Subscription Boxes to Geeks and Gamers AlikeHave you heard of Loot Crate, yet? Are you too busy to go to conventions and to play dress-up as your favorite Doctor, Star Trek officer, or Stormtrooper? We all are. Trust me, there are times where I’ve wished I could just shut down my laptop, suit up as Steampunk Jabba the Hutt with Klingon ears and a Hobbit cloak, but I can’t. Too damned difficult… what with work, having a kid, and the whole “lifestyle” that comes with being a grown-up sometimes. You know?

It’s cool though, kids. Loot Crate is a subscription service that, for a fee, will send you themed surprise crates once a month filled with goodies of all kinds. Want some candy? Have some. Want some nerdy statuettes and stickers? Cool. Want some really great exclusive items that only the Loot Crate crew can get its hands on for you? It’s got that, too. The folks at Loot Crate are working hard to make sure this isn’t just a grab-bag of cheap items that you could get anywhere; they specially craft each box with a theme. This past month, we were lovingly given the coolest Deadpool shirts you could’ve imagined with stickers that mashed up Mario Bros with Ninja Turtles. Just saying, guys, they want you to have some fun.

Uncrating the Loot Crate

Every month, you receive a box that, upon opening it, gives you a card that will detail everything you have there in your “Crate.” Some folks like to run in blind and just tear through without reading that card. You totally can, but if you want to understand what that little black rubber ninja is, maybe you should check your card, yeah?

Some months, you may get a t-shirt and that means you’ll get lighter, smaller things in there. Let’s be honest: you can only cram so much in those boxes without damaging things — it makes sense. My first month was just a box full of fun toys like ninjas, bowties, and apparently randomized DC Heroes & Villains toys! Nuts, right? Did I mention the candy? Yes, nerdy candy and stuff from your youth all make appearances.

Watch as this bro and this blonde give you a rundown of their own uncrating of the most current “Mashup” crate in June.

Something I can truly appreciate about the Loot Crate is that the company knows its audience. Be that as it may, there may be a month where you get a box full of some kind of nerdy thing you don’t love as much as someone else. Cool! Gift it out! Since the Crates are surprises, there’s always going to be a little something you love more than others — but that’s kind of the fun in it. It’s like getting a surprise Christmas present for the genre you appreciate every single month. April’s Crate was “token,” where you were loaded up with tons of arcade and Street Fighter goodies, and if you’re not big into that, it just means you’ve got some kickass stuff to gift to a friend who is. Trust me: if you’re into Loot Crate, you’ve got friends who would dig the stuff you don’t. It’s never a waste.

Is Loot Crate Worth the Cost?

A monthly Crate will run you a little under 20 dollars if you include shipping and handling. You’re charged $13.37 plus $6 for shipping and handling fees — which isn’t horrible. For a year, you can subscribe and it will run you a little over $100, but that also takes care of the subscription for a year plus puts you in the running for Mega Crates, which are huge, overwhelming bundles instead of the normal subscription Crate.

junecrateIf you calculate the cost of what you’re getting in each Crate, plus the value of each item, it’s well worth it. Just this last month, the Deadpool-Aid shirt alone, on most sites, is running $30 plus shipping and handling. Include the 8-bit sunglasses, stylus pen, stickers, the discounts to Stan Lee’s Comikaze, and candies and it’s well worth the amount you paid for the Crate. Even if the items aren’t for you, the team is still making sure that you get the value that you’re putting in and more.

I have watched this company come up and rise from humble beginnings and have personally seen the hard work put out by all the folks digging deep to bring this kind of fun to the masses. While not international yet, the team is working hard to figure out ways to bring it to everyone. From what I hear, the cast of Video Game High School and its creators are “curating” the next crate. If you’re a fan of this flick and series, you might want to get in on it now! You’ve got eight days left!

In fact…

Anyone using this code at Loot Crate will get $3 off!: LOCKERGNOME

So, yes: I believe you should all take a look at it and if you’re a fan of everything nerdy, geeky, gamer related, and possibly all of the above — get your hands on a Crate. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Images provided by Loot Crate

Man Caves For Geeks

Ever heard of a man cave? For those of you who have not, the basic idea is that the man cave is a place in the home of a man who is able to retreat to this location in order to play, work, or just hang out with his friends. Some men might point out that their home office serves as a man cave. I would counter this with one question: did your spouse have anything to do with its decoration? If not, then yes, you are the proud owner of a man cave for sure.

My own man cave is easily my home office. As my wife has her own space (complete with fresh paint and a place for everything), my office looks like a PC repair shop exploded. Complete with Mario Bros. all over my walls, this is clearly not some place my better half likes to spend much time in.

And this brings me into the kind of man cave that is so geek friendly, it is almost scary. I honestly believe this is among the most Star Trek friendly man cave I have ever seen in my life. And if the guy who put this together did so while still being able to remain married, I will bow to his mad skills of persuasion and my wife would likely laugh me down the couch should I try and spend $10,000 plus on such a thing. Not happy with the image in the link above? Roll your cursor over it and be amazed. And yes folks, I am dead set jealous of any man who has his own turbolift! That is just plain cool.

How about a cool man cave that is still geeky, but offers something to the guy who is not a Star Trek fan? Well, I think we might have a definite winner with this one. Same deal as above — it’s Flash so you can just use your mouse to navigate the room.

What struck me most about this room is that the whole thing is done with Sharpie markers plus the goodies it has in it. A pool table, pinball, and the flat screen. Clearly, this is how guys were meant to kick back! You also have to give it up for the drawn in fireplace… classic.

What say you? Do you currently have a truly geeky man cave of your very own? Perhaps, instead, you have the idea in mind, but have not been in a position to the plan into action. Whichever it might be, we are interested in hearing about it. Hit the comments; share your wildest man cave creations with the rest of the Gnomies.

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Happy Birthday, Gene Roddenberry

Had he not passed away from heart failure in 1991, today would be Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s 88th birthday.

According to Joel Engel, author of Gene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry is a seminal figure of our time (“His indirect impact on aspects of popular culture … has been eclipsed, arguably, only by Elvis Presley”), creator of one of the most enduring of TV and film series and a figure of adulation to countless “Trekkies.” Yet in this well-researched biography, the author offers a critical view of a man who, he claims, was a mediocre writer who bullied as well as charmed top science-fiction authors into working for him while never publicly acknowledging his debt to them.

Roddenberry led a rough-and-tumble early life, flying a B-17 bomber during WW II and serving with the Los Angeles Police Department for five years before turning to TV-writing for series like Have Gun, Will Travel. In 1964, he wrote a treatment for what he called “Wagon Train in the Sky,” with Star Trek debuting in the fall of 1966. The series lost money for its entire three-year run.

Granted new life through syndication, however, Star Trek grew into a cult phenomenon, inspiring sequels and spin-offs.

Patrick Stewart once said in an interview on Michael Parkinson’s TV program that a reporter talked to Roddenberry about the choice of Stewart for the captain’s role; the reporter said, “Look, it doesn’t make sense. You got a bald actor playing this part. Surely, by the 24th century, they have found the cure for baldness.” Roddenberry replied, “By the 24th century, no one will care.” [via Wikipedia]

Whatever Roddenberry’s imperfections as a human being, he imagined a future where humanity had overcome many of its shortcomings and explored — not conquered — the stars. The very idea has inspired (and continues to inspire) those among us who hope for a bright future in spite of how gloomy the horizon may look at times.

4G Star Trek


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Wurzels, Ratchets, And Star Trek… Oh, My!

Wow. Just yesterday, we gave away ten webcams from Microsoft. We finally reached that 7500 member mark… and we’ve smashed it already! Have you checked out what’s been happening on Geeks today?

Forum Threads

Blog Posts

Not to be outdone, here is the latest happenings over on Lockergnome.

If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for?

Geek Civil War

This is republished from Chris Christman’s excellent blog over at Geeks!

I recently began a thread in a forum that I frequent about making a Geek Confession. My confession was that I had never seen Alien or Aliens, and I was curious if anyone else out there had anything they thought might somehow hurt their “geek cred” as it were, but wanted to put it out in the open. I was flooded with responses ranging from never having read Harry Potter, to enjoying Spider-Man 3. I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one, but it got me to thinking. It made me think about this sort of unspoken Geek Civil War that is going on, and how it may be tearing us apart

Let me explain.

Now, this isn’t going to be a tirade about forums, but just gimme a second. If you talk in forums, or at least browse forums, you have more than likely been involved in some sort of argument. Even if you don’t comment on it directly, you’ve at least followed one. Mac vs PC, Kirk vs Picard, heck even Star Trek vs Star Wars. Now, while arguments are bound to happen, that’s fine, the level it can be taken to on forums is sometimes astounding. People get genuinely upset and p.o.’ed about someone’s opinion. It doesn’t make any sense. And yes, this kind of situation exists everywhere. You see debates about Ford vs Chevy, Republican vs. Democrat, etc.

Here is the problem. The so called “normal people” can argue about that kind of stuff in public and people won’t take a second glance. It’s because they are an accepted part of society. While geeks are becoming a bigger and bigger part of society, at this point we are still looked upon by some people with disdain or, in some cases, fear and confusion. Just look at politicians. They are waging a war against gamers and geeks, when the truth is they just don’t have the full story. But can you blame them? Wander into an average sized forum, and if you look around, chances are there is a big argument going on. Hop on Xbox Live and play Halo 3 for more than 1 match, and someone on your team will get hit with a wall of ethnic slurs and other offensive insults, and from a teenager no less. Now, while these situations don’t represent all of the geek community, it is harmful to us as a whole. Politicians and parents see these examples and they assume that the whole community consists of these types of people.

Now, the thing is, trolls will always exist. As long as you can say what you want on the Internet, there will be trolls. But we have to do something to keep us geeks together. We shouldn’t look down on other geeks just because they haven’t seen a certain movie, or just because they like Picard more than Kirk. We shouldn’t be waging pointless wars over something as ridiculous as Mac vs. PC. In the end, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. No matter what the subject is, there is someone who disagrees with you. And don’t let anyone stop you from liking whatever you want. And we can talk about it and discuss our differences on the subject. If we could just try and do it in a more civilized manner, then maybe video game hating politicians and racist 13-year olds can start to disappear. Because, let’s face it, getting into flame wars on the Internet isn’t just making you look stupid, it’s bringing down the entire geek community with you.

Instructables – Do It Yourself Fun

For sometime now, I have been contemplating a subscription of MAKE Magazine for my younger brother. I figure that it would be more productive than sitting in front of the computer playing games all day.

Well, as I continued to investigate the value making such a purchase, I happened to come across a Website that I suspect, has some relation to MAKE. It’s called Instructables and man, is this site cool!
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Free Star Trek Parody A Huge Success

An indie parody of Star Trek, dubbed “Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning” has apparently exceeded all expectations of its producers. The parody, which was created entirely with volunteers, and out of the pockets of the producers on the thinnest of shoestring budgets, has already been downloaded an estimated 750,000 times in the week since it was released to the Internet.

Not too surprising, actually. I’ve seen the trailer, and it’s extremely well done. Enough so that I didn’t even mind that it was in Finnish, with English subtitles. As the film’s website explains, “The film combines world-class visual effects, a rough-and-ready sense of humour, and a passion that provide the basis for the first-ever Finnish science fiction adventure.”

“Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning” was produced primarily on computers in producer Samuli Torssonen’s living room. The “Star Wreck” site describes it as “the product of a core group of five Finns, and over 300 extras, assistants and supporters.” The project took over seven years to bring to fruition.

With so much going into what appears to be a top quality indie film, more than a homemade parody, why release it for free on the Internet?

Says Star Wreck’s director, Timo Vuorensola…

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