DHL Driver Doesn't Deliver Computers But Takes Them Home

Police in Boise, Idaho have arrested a DHL driver for failing to deliver computers to purchases, instead he took them home. The report indicates that the driver took as many as 15 to 20 computers before the police finally caught him. Seems that the petty criminal was trying to sell the stolen computers from his home. Nice going idiot!

The story states:

Police arrested Jeremy Bamford, 20 Wednesday on one county of felony grand theft. Officers also took Valerie Bryan, 23 into custody on the same charge. Officers say Bamford was supposed to deliver computers to local homes – but instead took the computers home. They say he then tried to sell the stolen goods out of his Lemhi St. home. As many as twenty computers were stolen – with a value between $10-15,000.

Which does make one wonder. I have noticed other deliveries of computer systems from UPS and FedEX in which the drivers leave the units sitting on the front steps. I’m sure they indicate on their invoice that delivery was made. But what happens if the units ase stolen? I’m sure the nice folks where you ordered the system from will be understanding.:-)

One would think that a signature should be required when delivery was completed.

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Full article is here.

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