Do you remember how much you loved to hear stories when you were younger? Storytime is a favorite time of the day for many young kids, and whether it’s a parent, teacher, librarian, or anyone else that’s telling a story, a good story can completely captivate a child. Even though you may be past those years in your life, that doesn’t mean that you don’t still enjoy hearing a good story. Movies, television shows, video games – all of these things can tell stories. Sometimes you may even want to tell your own stories, and with Panraven, you can do this on the Web.

Anyone can tell a story on the Internet by using text in a blog entry of some sort, but that doesn’t represent the true storytelling experience, and that’s why Panraven has developed a solution that enables users to create and tell interactive stories with words, pictures, audio, and video. Viewing this content on the Internet is fine, but if you want to make it even better, then you can order a storybook of the story that you’ve told in order to make it a more traditional experience. The service is in closed beta at this time, but you can still see some examples that have been created using Panraven.

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