Reader Question – What Is The Best Straight Talk Phone?

I received a question from reader ReelNauti, who asked:

In your opinion, what is the best Straight Talk phone out there?

I gave the question some thought and I decided to break down my answer into two parts. Straight Talk offers services from both AT&T and Verizon. Since the phones available work only with one of the services and not both, this needs to be taken into consideration before buying a Straight Talk phone. The second consideration is which one of the services works best where you live and work. If you haven’t used AT&T or Verizon before, I would ask your family, friends, and co-workers which service they use and how they like the average signal strength in your area. I would also want to know if they experience dropped calls and, more important, how often are the calls dropped.

Once you have decided which service works best where you live or work, you can now take a look at the phones that Straight Talk offers.

For the Verizon service I personally like the Samsung R355C because I find it easy to text with. Others state that they enjoy using the Samsung R451C with the hidden keyboard. My neighbor has the LG 220C that he uses just for phone calls, since he does not send text messages. He like the flip design that he can keep in his pocket and the keys don’t get pressed accidentally.

For the AT&T service you have two smartphone options. Either the Nokia E71 Smart Phone or the Nokia 6790 Smart Phone. Be aware that both of these phones require the $45 unlimited plans.

So how do I answer the question posed by reader ReelNauti?

First, talk to those who use either AT&T and Verizon where you live. Second, I recommend going to your local Walmart and taking a look at the phones offered by Straight Talk.  See which phone, for the service you wish to use, meets your needs. Third, which phone feels good in your hand? This, to me, is very important since, if the phone doesn’t feel right in your hand, you will be disappointed no matter what others say.

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The Number You Call For Technical Support Really Does Matter

When you call technical support or for information about any company, the number you call really does matter. For the past few months I have written articles about my experience with Straight Talk. Yet when I have needed support from Straight Talk, I have found that either email support for a simple problem, or calling its corporate office, resulted in better customer service than calling the standard technical support phone number. FYI – the Straight Talk corporate phone number is 800-876-5753.

I also discovered that when you call DIRECTV, if you call 800-531-500 and press 0 0 quickly, you can usually cut down on your wait time. I received this tip from a DIRECTV representative when I called before. It seems to work, but like any tip, your mileage may vary.

So if you can stand listening to music for countless minutes on end, or just sit holding a phone to your ear, how do you find the best number to call?

My first step is to do a Google and find out what others are using. You would be surprised at how many recommendations you will find.

There is another trick you can try. When you are prompted to push a number, do nothing. Remember those old rotary phones? The system may be fooled into thinking you have an oldie but a goodie and connect you to a real person. Remember, your mileage will vary depending on which company or business you call.

Give GETHUMAN [link below] a try. This website has a listing of phone numbers for a wide assortment of companies and businesses that others have found useful. They even offer a listing of phone numbers for some elusive companies like Google and Facebook.

What tips do you have? Share your experiences with us.

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Straight Talk – Free Cell Phone or Free Bluetooth Offers

Reader hope asked a question this morning about playing games on any Straight Talk phone and while I was looking for an answer, I stumbled on what I believe is a great deal. Straight Talk is offering Free reconditioned phones with the purchase of either their $30 or $45 plan. These phones are not just the normal cheap ones that are being offered by other cell phone companies. Straight Talk is also including their r355c, which I own, that normally retails for about $100 new.

So is a reconditioned cell phone a deal or nor no deal? I have purchased reconditioned products in the past and I highly recommend these products for one simple reason. Usually these products are returned by a user who either dislikes the device or can not get the product to work properly. In the case of cell phones, it is usually that the user has spotty or no service available where they live. Originally Straight Talk used only Verizon enabled devices, which do not work in every location in the U.S., no matter what the cell phone companies would have us believe.

Straight Talk has expanded their services to include both AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Here are some of the models on sale for use on the Verizon network:

Samsung R335C + All You Need Plan includes a free Bluetooth headset

LG220C Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

LG290C Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

Samsung R355C Rec. + All You Need Plan free phone

Samsung R451C Recon. + All You Need Plan free phone

There is also one model on sale for use with the AT&T or T-Mobile network:

LG 620G Reconditioned + All You Need Plan free phone

I would recommend that if you are looking into the Straight Talk pre-paid plans, I would definitely consider buying one of these reconditioned phones. You can’t beat the price. Free!

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Straight Talk web site – free phone offer

Straight Talk – More Phone Options Including Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile Services

Straight Talk continues to expand their offering of not only cell phones, but also the carriers they are using. Besides using the Verizon network for their CDMA services, the company has added GSM networks from AT&T and also T-Mobile, depending on the service quality in your area. Last night I contacted Straight Talk support and asked for clarification on the networks they are currently using. I received this reply:

We would like to inform you that Straight Talk is using the CDMA and GSM technologies. The Straight Talk phones that are under the CDMA network do not have a SIM Card. These phones are powered by Verizon. However, the phones under the GSM network have a SIM Card and they are powered by AT&T or T-Mobile (depends on the best working carrier on your area).

Please be advised that the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 are powered by AT&T only. Thank you for your inquiry.

One of the questions that has been asked by readers is if you can take a non Straight Talk phone [GSM only since CDMA phones do not have Sim cards] and use the phone with the Straight Talk service. Some have responded that they have had success using a ST SIM card in another unlocked phone and have indicated it worked for them.

However, the general consensus is though the phone may work, when you leave the area, the phone may not work for roaming.

My advice is this. Stick with a Straight Talk enabled phone for the best results. But if you have a GSM phone that you just have to have, you can try using the ST SIM but results are going to vary widely, depending on the make and model of the phone.

There is a lot of misinformation about ST phones. One reader noted the Nokia E71 works on both Verizon and AT&T which is false.

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Straight Talk Free Phones + How To Decipher Models For Verizon Or AT&T

On their website, Straight Talk is offering a limited number of free reconditioned cell phones when you purchase either a $30 or $45 a month phone card. These models are limited to models that only work on the Verizon network. So before you buy a phone or phone card, confirm that you can get Verizon in your area.

The models available are the LG220C, LG290C and the Samsung R451C. Straight Talk also is offering free shipping for all phones.

I also received this information from reader Steve a few days ago:

I work for WalMart, and here is some info for you. Straight Talk phone models ending with the letter “G” are GSM phones that will work on the AT&T network. Phone models ending with the letter “C” are CDMA phones that will work on the Verizon network. If you are not sure which phone will work in your neck of the woods, you can find out at, or at Shop for the ST phones, and enter the zip code for your area. I use the cheap LG 220C, because AT&T won’t work in my area. Those who do have AT&T (both contract and prepaid) report unreliable service, including dropped calls, even in town where there are many AT&T towers.

The two Nokia smartphones currently being offered by Straight Talk are for the AT&T network only.

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