Daughter Dies And Wells Fargo Bank Goes After Parents To Repay Student Loan

The story begins with a 22-year-old student who is attending college working on two degrees. The student, being an adult, secures student loans totaling $45,000 to further her education. The loans were given to her and her alone and no one, including her parents, co-signs for the loans. Now the unfortunate part. The student develops a rare form of cancer in her tear ducts, and after chemotherapy and radiation treatments, subsequently dies.

One would think that the misery for the family dealing with their young daughters death, would be enough for any family to deal with. Two of the lenders forgave the girls debt since she was deceased. But in steps Wells Fargo Bank and their bean counters. Wells Fargo Bank wants the parents to pay the debt in the amount of $6,000 and will not forgive nor forget what is owed to the bank.

In steps the local television station and confronts Wells Fargo Bank, who suddenly and inexplicable, forgives the debt. No sorry, no we made a mistake, no thing except the debt no longer needs to be paid by anyone.

What is surprising is that different lenders have different policies covering the death of a student who owes them money. What is also hard to understand is that the girls parents had no idea their daughter had even borrowed money and could not obtain any information because of the existing privacy laws. All they knew is that the bank wanted their money and that was that.

The bank continued to harass the family via letters and phone calls demanding payment.

Had the TV station not stepped in and made Wells Fargo Banks appear like loan sharks, one can only guess to what lengths the bank would have gone to get their blood money.

It is stories like these that make us all hate the banks, no matter which bank it is.

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Source – kctv5.com

Source – ABC Money

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Some Students Got Bitten By The 32bit To 64bit Windows 7 Upgrade

It seems that there is some confusion for students who chose to try the super cheap $29.95 edition of Windows 7. A misunderstanding by some has led some students to try upgrading from a 32 bit version of Vista to a 64 bit version of Windows 7. Unfortunately there is not an upgrade process and only a clean install similar to what Windows XP requires.

According to one article, Microsoft has responded to the mix up, and has taken action.

Microsoft plans to tweak the student discount to account for users who want to migrate from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Windows 7. “We’re obviously seeing people who want to upgrade to 64-bit,” said Bennett. “That’s good feedback, so let’s respond.”

Bennett said Microsoft and Digital River would offer the option of downloading an .iso file, which customers can then burn to a DVD or copy to a USB flash drive for conducting a “clean” upgrade, the only type of upgrade possible from 32-bit to 64-bit. A clean upgrade, also the only one allowed for Windows XP users, requires users to back up data and settings, install Windows 7, then restore the data and settings before finally reinstalling all applications.

The student offer snafu has been one of the most heavily trafficked topics on Microsoft’s support forums. Over the weekend, Microsoft seemed to put the blame on users who mistakenly downloaded the 64-bit version of the upgrade. Previously, users had raged at both Microsoft and Digital River, for first not providing enough information, then for not accepting responsibility. Several said that they had reported Digital River to the Better Business Bureau.

Paul Aaron, a senior group manager for Windows supportability, said he understood users’ anger. “Customers are frustrated with issues that they’re having, but the longer they wait, the more they get frustrated,” he said. “Today we’re light years faster than with we were when Vista launched. But we need to respond faster.

I believe that the upgrade path is confusing for some. Also the average consumer may not know the difference between a 32 bit version or a 64 bit version. They might not even know that their system may not be able to support 64 bit without the proper hardware.

I am sure we will see more horror stories as time passes. The next group of complaints will be when those who purchased Vista systems during the past four months or so get their promised Windows 7 disks. :-)

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Should Microsoft Extend The Windows 7 Student Deal To All Consumers?

Yesterday I was talking to my nephew about the deal Microsoft is offering to students who can purchase Windows 7 Home Premium for $30. My nephew wondered out loud why this wasn’t being done for all consumers? It made me think why wasn’t Microsoft giving all consumers the same deal?

IMHO I believe that Microsoft does owe we consumers a deal especially for those who bought computers with Windows Vista installed or who bought the OS as an upgrade. For some of us, myself included, have not experienced any issues with Vista. Personally my computer with Windows Vista runs great and I have been fortunate not to have any problems that others have experienced with the OS.

But I do believe that for many of you, Vista has been a challenge. I also believe that Windows 7 has fixed many of the problems that originally plagued Vista. If Microsoft wants to extend some goodwill to consumers who use their operating system, this would be a great time to offer an upgrade to all Vista users at a reduced rate.

There is another reason for a discount for us Vista users. Recently Apple introduced their Snow Leopard upgrade for only $29. If Microsoft followed Apple’s lead, they could use this as ammunition in their next Apple vs PC advertisements. Couple this with the lower pricing for a PC compared to the Mac could be a real winner. Kind of a win-win situation for both Microsoft and we consumers.

What do you think?

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CEO Of Craigslist Promises Criminals Will Get Caught

The CEO of Craiglist is saying that anyone who uses his site to commit criminal activity will get caught. Jim Buckmaster says that it will be a very unsafe haven for criminals because of this. Craigslist has always been a popular web site which has attracted over 50 million people every month. 

Craigslist gained unwanted notoriety when a medical student from Boston used the advertising site to locate his victims. One of the victims actually was murdered by the suspect which brought Craigslist to national attention. The kind of attention that no web site wants or needs. 

The CEO also stated that:

Buckmaster declined to say much about how Craigslist is cooperating with authorities investigating the Boston case but said, “We make ourselves 100 percent available to them and provide them with any and all information we have that they may request.”

Law enforcement officials generally ask that Craigslist not comment on what it’s doing in specific cases, he said.

Buckmaster defended Craigslist’s inclusion of the “erotic services” classification on its sites. He said users requested it so those ads would be posted there, where users can avoid them, instead of being scattered among other ad categories. He also insisted that illegal activity is “absolutely not welcome there.”

He said Craigslist will donate 100 percent of its net revenues from those ads to charities, under an agreement announced in November with 40 state attorneys general.

Craigslist’s city sites include tips on personal safety and avoiding scams and fraud. Buckmaster said the Minnesota and Boston cases provide an opportunity to remind people that it makes sense when meeting someone found through an online ad to take the same kinds of precautions they should take offline.

Hopefully this will turn out to be an isolated case. With millions of visitors every month, trying to control this many visitors is an impossible task.


MS Office 2007 For $89.99 – Hurry – Ends 9-16-08

Hurry – Sale Ends 9-16-08 !

Fry’s is running a sale on MS Office 2007 Home & Student edition for only $89.99. But hurry. This sale ends on September 16, 2008.  But what is even better about this deal is this:

For starters, consumers get three licenses—that’s three product activations—with their Home and Student Edition.

So you get three activations with the Home & Student edition which is about $30 a machine. Not a bad price. But like with any deal, there is one thing missing from the software. Microsoft has replaced Outlook with One Note. So if you need Outlook this version is not for you.

What is interesting is that this is the cheapest I have seen MS Office for any flavor being offered. Plus there is no darn rebates to fool with.

Comments welcome. 

Get MS Office Home & Student Here


Google Apps – Over 1 Million Student Users Worldwide

Google is claiming that there are currently over one million student users of their Google Apps. In addition Google indicates that the following schools have joined Google Apps.:

  • Collin County Community College District
  • Francis Marion University
  • George Washington University
  • Indiana University
  • Kean University
  • Kent State University
  • Kishwaukee College
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Montgomery County Community College
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • University of Florida
  • University of San Diego
  • University of Virginia

If you are not familiar with Google Apps, Google explains their software products as:

Google Apps gives everyone at your organization a custom email address, tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, a shared calendaring system and access to a flexible intranet system. Standalone security and compliance services are also available.

If you haven’t tried Google Apps. as of yet, you may wish to consider giving it a try.

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Cancer Student Can't Walk On Stage With Her Class During Graduation

A student in Woodland, California who is a cancer survivor, has been barred from walking across the stage with her fellow students, because she does not have enough credits to graduate. After a fire storm of public outcry, the student is now being allowed to sit with her fellow students and will be publicly acknowledged for her fight against cancer. In a local news brief it states:

WOODLAND, CA – The principal of Woodland High School will allow 18-year-old Leanna Elizalde to sit with her class during graduation ceremonies Saturday, despite not having enough credits to graduate.

However, when principal Edelia Genera was pressed for clarification on whether Leanna could participate in the symbolic graduation walk across the stage, she stated Leanna would “be on the field with her classmates and be acknowledged.”

Leanna’s mother Lupe Ramirez had mixed reaction to the news, stating that sitting with her classmates would be better than nothing. However, when Ramirez called her daughter to tell her, Leanna expressed disapointment and stated she would rather sit in the audience.

Since December, Elizalde had two cancer surgeries and faced weeks of radiation therapy that left her with at least one English class she has to finish in order to graduate on Saturday.

I think she should be given credits for a life experience and what she learned while fighting cancer.

What ever happened to common sense and compassion?  What harm would it do to let her walk across the stage with her fellow students?

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Microsoft DreamSpark – Free Software For Students

If you are a student and are giving any thought to creating the next break though in technology, you may wish to take a look at Microsoft’s free give away program of their developers software. Students will be eligible to get copies of software such as Visual Studio 2008 Professional, Expression Studio, Windows Server 2003 all for free. But there is more. Microsoft is also offering other software products for free that you will have to view to believe. Such products as Virtual PC, xna Game Studio 2.0 and much more.

On their web site it is explained what countries are currently authorized for the freebies and also how to apply.

Microsoft DreamSpark enables students to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge.

Now, for the first time, Microsoft is giving its valuable software developer and design tools directly to students worldwide at no charge! This site enables students like you to download professional-level Microsoft developer and design tools to unlock your creative potential and set you on the path to academic and career success, by supporting and advancing your learning and skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering activities.

In order to get this software from Microsoft at no charge, you will be asked to establish or verify your student status once every 12 months. This process is built into this DreamSpark site itself. Verification of valid student status will enable students from around the globe to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge. Note: You must be at least 18 years old or have otherwise reached the age of majority in the place (province, state or country) where you live, or if not, your parent or legal guardian must accept the Microsoft DreamSpark software license terms on your behalf, in order for you to download and use the software.

I believe Microsoft is instituting this program because in their eyes there is a lack of student enthusiasm over software development. Microsoft may feel this could be a way to stimulate interest in the field.

Comments welcome.

Check out the Microsoft DreamSpark website here for details.

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I’ve done some teaching before, but like everyone, I’ve also been a student. These two experiences are obviously very different from one another, but I must say that I enjoy both of them. One of the perceived limitations that goes along with traditional learning is that both the teacher and the student have to be in the same location to benefit, but the Internet has opened up the world of education by enabling teachers and students from all over the world to learn together online from the comfort of their homes. BuddySchool is a catalyst for this.

As a teacher, create a profile and tell visitors about your skills and what you can teach them. If prospective students are interested, they can then try to schedule a lesson with you. As a student, your goal is to browse through the categories and find a lesson that you’re interested in so that you can learn from what the teacher has to say. Free classes may be offered, but teachers are also allowed to charge an hourly rate for their help that can be paid through PayPal and a variety of other methods. If you want to see what you’ll get before you pay the hourly rate, then feel free to schedule a test lesson to determine how competent the teacher actually is.

ProProfs.com Quiz School

Even though it’s been quite a few years since I’ve taken them, I still clearly remember taking quizzes in school. The nervous anticipation was almost always present, and once you completed the quiz, you still had to hold your breath and see how your results turned out. As much as we may want to deny it, there’s a time and a place for a quiz, and they really help to determine how much the student is comprehending. It’s definitely better to be the one giving the quiz over being the person taking the quiz, and if you find yourself in either one of these situations, then you may want to take a look at ProProfs.com Quiz School.

You don’t have to be in school to take a a quiz, and this service proves that point. No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to create a quiz, you can use the free tools that are found here to do just that. Not only can you fully customize the questions, but you also get to customize the presentation to make it look like something that you’re a part of. These quizzes can be shared anywhere, and the same site even provides a service that enables you to create flash cards, too.

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inCampus Launches Revolutionary Gateway For Student To Student E-Commerce

inCampus, Inc., a Seattle-based company led by an established group of technology veterans looking to promote social and economic change among college students, announces the launch of a new online marketplace, offering a revolutionary gateway for Student-to-Student commerce. 3,800 universities and community colleges across the nation are represented on inCampus, connecting students who are looking to buy, sell, trade, or find anything – from a salsa partner to a blender. In addition to products, the Web site also allows students to find housing, books, jobs and more. The company ultimately plans to connect students across the world.

“There is so much potential for students around the world to take advantage of the Internet and connect with each other through commerce.” said Phuc Vu, CEO of inCampus. “We plan to empower students through this revolutionary concept we call student to student commerce.”

inCampus co-founder Aqib Rasool conceived the idea as a college student who found that Web sites like eBay and Craigslist were helpful for buying, trading and selling but there was no place to connect with other college students. He saw the potential to connect students from all over the nation looking for anything from housing options to used text books.

Unlike other marketplaces that are crowded with buyers and sellers of all ages and interests, inCampus offers a community-based Web site, developed exclusively for each college campus. As the first e-commerce community specifically created for college students, inCampus is an intersection of social and e-commerce Web sites. The site only features categories specifically of interest to college students ranging from travel, carpool, tickets, roommates and books.

The company’s mission is to empower students around the country through online commerce. To further this mission, inCampus has established the inCampus Foundation, a non-profit organization that was created with a portion of the co-founder’s company equity. As the company grows, the foundation’s funds will grow exponentially, ultimately creating a significant amount of resources that will be used to provide financing programs for college students around the world.

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Free Trial Versions Of Microsoft Office Suite 2007 Still Avaiable

Microsoft is still offering trial versions of it’s latest Microsoft Office Suite 2007 of products. The trial versions are time limited to 60 days. There is also available on their web site a online version to play with with.

The Office 2007 Suite of Products includes the following versions: Office Pro, Small Business, Home and Student, Office Accounting Professional, Grove, OneNote, Publisher, Project, and other releases.

I’ve been using Office 2007 Professional for about 3 weeks. Thus far I like the new look and feel of the entire suite. Though I must say, it is still sometimes hard to find things that have been moved around in the new software.

You’ll find any of the versions listed above, plus others available for a test drive at the link below.

Microsoft Office Suite Downloads Here 

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I always enjoy learning something new. In fact, thanks to the Internet, I’m able to learn something new every few seconds. While I try to remain a student in many respects, I also like to take up the position of a teacher, and in my work, I’m routinely called upon to help people figure out how to do stuff online, in person, and in the classroom. There are a variety of ways to teach effectively, and an abundance of tools exist to assist with this. I’m sure that you’ve had teachers who used rather unique and interesting methods to get their points across, but when you’re teaching online, there’s a barrier that can prevent the instruction from being personalized or even organized properly. With Nuvvo, teachers can build engaging courses, and students of all sorts can enroll.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or both, Nuvvo provides many of the tools that you’re looking for. Teachers can organize their courses in a logical and exciting way with text and multimedia, in addition to allowing for interaction through quizzes and blog content. You can either give your course away for free or charge a fee for enrollment, but no matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to keep track of your students, and they’ll be able to follow along with the course. Please sharpen your pencils, class.

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Google CEO sees free cell phones, funded by ads

Google’s success has been based on it’s every popular advertising system, that has been very successful for the company. So it only seems natural that they would venture into other areas such as cell phones. They also have several projects under way, such as in San Franciso, CA., in which they will be offering free wireless service paid for by ads. Time will tell if Google will be able to continue their success by expanding to other areas.

“Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

Schmidt said Saturday that as mobile phones become more like handheld computers and consumers spend as much as eight to 10 hours a day talking, texting and using the Web on these devices, advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy.

“Your mobile phone should be free,” Schmidt told Reuters. “It just makes sense that subsidies should increase” as advertising rises on mobile phones.

He was interviewed following a speech on the theme of business innovation organized by Italian student groups and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Schmidt also said his company was working on how to allow users to maintain basic control of their personal data.

Currently, Google stores consumer data on hundreds of thousands of its own computers in order to provide additional services to individual users. The company is looking to allow consumers to export their Web search history or e-mail archives and move them to other sites, if they so choose.”

Complete story here.

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