Four Stylish Headphones for a High-rolling Audiophile

Four Stylish Headphones for a High-rolling AudiophileA lot of people look at function over form, but there are also others who take form over function seriously. It’s never a sin to want to look good and have a lot of cool factor sprinkled over one’s head — especially if that someone has the money to burn. Some of you may be wondering if headphones that look aesthetically pleasing are good deals, and you’re perhaps worried that your friendly neighborhood audiophile would raise an eyebrow and lecture you on this. But I’d say if you’re someone who puts a value or premium on design aesthetics, then go for it.

If sound quality is directly proportional to the visual appeal of a pair of headphones, and if someone would give me an infinite budget, I’d choose one of the headphones below without batting an eyelash.

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Pro

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre ProWith a premium tag price of $399.95, the Beats Pro is expected to deliver and perform well. Released in 2010, three years after the world was introduced to the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones, Monster sets its sight to DJs, music engineers, producers, and artists with this bigger and badder pair of cans. With it, you’re not only paying for top-notch sound quality; you’re also paying for the super sleek and super stylish appeal of its predecessors. Although more on the heavy side in terms of weight, one cannot help but marvel at its quality construction. Its sturdy and solid design alone makes it a worthy investment.

Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598Aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated, and packed with impeccable sound quality and unbeatable comfort. This is how German manufacturer Sennheiser describes its beige-colored, open circumaural headphones dubbed the HD 598. Its plush premium metal mesh, high-gloss burl wood accents, and top-of-the-line velour ear pads contribute to its high-end, luxurious finish; its insides contain Sennheiser’s innovative E.A.R. technology (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement), which channels audio signals directly into the user’s ears for outstanding sonic accuracy and clarity with virtually no distortion. At a price of only $249.95, you can score this damned good pair of headphones and take advantage of its stylish looks, to boot.

Swarovski Fashion DJ Headphones

Swarovski Fashion DJ HeadphonesSwarovski has never been into the production of earphones, and it has never been associated with producing audio accessories. In fact, items from its current line of headphones come from different manufacturers. The blindingly shiny set of Swarovski Fashion DJ Headphones, for instance, is based on the Audio Technica ATH-M50 over-the-head cans; it’s only a spiked-up version of the said model that’s pegged to attract extra attention. Designed to facilitate private audio enjoyment in lavish style, the entire exposed part of the unit is decked in (some say) up to 60,000 pieces of Swarovski crystals. Extravagant? Yes, but it sure would make a good gift to your fiancée in lieu of an engagement ring. It’s available at a starting price of $891.

Marshall Major White

Marshall Major WhiteMarshall has been around the audio business for quite some time; but this time, it’s teamed up with Zounds, the company behind the famous consumer brand Urbanears, to create classy and funky headphones. The white version of the Marshall Major bears the retro spirit the brand has always carried. The ear cups are distinctly square-shaped, while the exterior is made up of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers. Noteworthy, too, is the gold accent in the plug that resembles a guitar cable plug. There’s also an in-line mic that has a button that lets you control incoming personal or RingCentral business phone calls when you plug it into your mobile phone. To put it simply, it’s a fashion accessory that will fit someone who loves music dearly.

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Dell’s New Studio Hybrid – Stylish And A Small Footprint

Dell has introduced a new computer which it calls ‘New Studio Hybrid’. The cases are smallish and have a stylish case. Dell states that the new systems will come with 6 interchangeable color sleeves to match any decor. The basics of the trimmed down systems is that they using mobile technology in a small desktop case. On their site Dell claims:

The Studio Hybrid fits perfectly in your world

More flexible than a typical PC, the Dell Studio Hybrid is an anywhere-you-want-it-desktop. Our smallest desktop, it looks great in the living room, on the desk, or anywhere else space is at a premium. And because sleeves are available in 6 colors or Bamboo, you know it’ll match your sense of style. Plus, it uses energy-efficient Intel®  CoreTM 2 Duo Mobile Processors, so you can enjoy its power while helping to preserve the planet.

Studio Hybrid Colors

Go green without cramping your style. With the Studio Hybrid, personalization is easy with 6 interchangeable color sleeves or also one in bamboo. Now the only problem you face is picking out which color is right for you.

Dell indicates that these systems will be totally Green and even use energy efficient power supplies as well. Plus using mobile processors should also cut down on power usage. Looking at the new Dell systems, it would appear on the surface that Dell is heading in the right direction with this design.

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Dell's New 'Studio' Brand Hits The Street

Today Dell introduces their new ‘Studio’ brand of computer designed for what they call ‘self-expression and creative living.’ The new models are the Dell Studio 15 and Dell Studio 17. Yes, you are correct. The number designate the screen size. Pricing for the new models are $799 for the Studio 15 and $999 for the Studio 17. Dell also states:

Dell today introduced “Studio,” a new consumer product line designed for self-expression and creative living. Studio products are highly expressive and personalized – inside and out – combining aesthetics and technology into a fresh approach to hi-def mobile lifestyles.

“People seeking stunning design, brilliant colors, and innovative new technology find inspiration in Dell’s new Studio brand,” said Michael Tatelman, vice president of Dell consumer sales and marketing worldwide. “These products are built for today’s digital nomad based on the millions of conversations we have every year on, Ideastorm and community forums. With Dell Studio we’re answering the call for personalization, connectivity and simplicity.”

The first Dell Studio products are two distinctively styled laptops, the Dell Studio 15 and Dell Studio 17. These laptops combine sleek designs, striking visual color elements and personalization options with features such as standard built-in webcam, capacitive touch media control buttons, slot load drives, and optional mercury-free LED displays and built-in mobile broadband. They are available today on starting at $799 (Studio 15) and $999 (Studio 17) and will be available at Best Buy and Staples stores in the next few days.

Naturally the pricing is for the base price of each model.  Adding more frills and accessories will make these systems a bit more pricey.:-)

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