SMS – Text Messaging Rip Off?

Check your mobile bills, my friends. Three of the big four cellular phone service providers are upping their per-message SMS rates for many by a whopping 50%. It all began with Sprint Nextel, then Cingular, and now Verizon … they’re all lining up to take advantage of the unwary. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this remarkable leap in rates may allow you to jump ship on your current cellphone contract.

MobileTracker has some interesting coverage on what they’ve deemed the SMS price increase club.

I’ve yet to see any convincing justification from the industry. By gosh, someone might even say that the sudden across-the-board increase in text messaging pricing constitutes price fixing. Now I wouldn’t say that, of course, but someone might …

Three years ago, I learned about the hidden costs of text-messaging the hard way … with a 52 page long phone bill and a $150 charge for my pre-teen’s text-messaging spree. d’oh!

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I’m not all that big into text messaging, although I do use it on occasion. A lot of times, the message that I want to deliver to someone is so brief and uncomplicated that I’d rather just type it out and send it to them that way instead of having to talk on the phone. With that said, sometimes the amount of time and effort that it takes to convey your message via a text message is enough to make you just want to call the person and get it over with. In my mind, there are benefits and drawbacks to this method of communication, but 3jam makes it more attractive by allowing for group messaging.

Just like when you talk on the phone, sometimes you want to text more than one person at a time and start a conversation between all of the participants. You can do this with 3jam, and the service allows everyone to reply to everyone. If you can send a text message from your phone, then you can use 3jam. While the service itself is free, standard text messaging charges may apply depending on how your service plan is setup, however, each message that you send or receive through 3jam is counted as one text message even though the message may be received by multiple people. It’s time to get your thumbs warmed up and ready to go.

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Free, Unlimited SMS

Long-time Lockergnomie Rob Vanderhaar read our article RE: free ‘unlimited’ SMS on VZW data plans and wanted to submit his experience for your review. First, he quotes our original post on free SMS. This is especially important to current and future Verizon service subscribers:

“I learned an interesting and somewhat humorous lesson this month. As you know, the MS/VZW/Palm consortium quietly omitted real-time “push” email from the Treo 700 (as well as the XV6700) – ironic, since that was one of the most-hyped features that would make this a “BlackBerry Killer”. Anyway, the alternative when using MS Exchange is what MS calls “AUTD” (Always Up To Date). When you receive a new email, your Exchange server sends an SMS message to your phone that’s intercepted by ActiveSync to trigger a “pull” of your new message(s). Pretty kludgey solution, but at least it works (most of the time). Only downside is that it chews up your battery like it’s going out of style if you get a lot of incoming emails!”

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Can I Send Text Messages Between A Computer And A Cell Phone?

Can a computer (laptop or desktop) text message a cell phone, and can a cell phone text message a computer? If so, how?

Well, let’s clear one thing up right away: cell phone text messaging, or “SMS” text messaging is not the same as instant messaging on your computer. They’re two very different systems.

That doesn’t mean all is lost, however. There are some things you can do. How much depends mostly on the cellular provider, and the type of phone you have.
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People are using their cell phone’s more than ever before, and not just for voice communications. As mobile technology improves, users find themselves being able to surf the Internet, play multimedia files, and manage their schedules. Even with these impressive features, one of the things that gets used and abused the most is text messaging. I never thought that I’d use it as much as I do, but since my friends constantly utilize it, I began to realize that it’s an effective way to distribute small chunks of information that don’t necessarily warrant a regular conversation. With, you can now send free text messages to your friends from your Web browser.
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