Portable Bed Tray Plus Laptop Table

Portable Bed Tray Plus Laptop Table
The Portable Bed Tray would make an ideal gift for someone who is confined to their bed. [Image shared by Amazon]
This Portable Bed Tray can be used for your laptop, notebook, tablet, or any of your electronic toys.

What Makes This Portable Bed Tray Different from Other Tables?

The Portable Bed Tray is made of sturdy aluminum and has a brushed black tech look. The tray is also extremely light and is easy to pick up, making it easy to push around. The joints are constructed of heavy black plastic with aluminum buttons that make it easy to adjust to a wide range of settings and positions. The hinge locks are constructed in such a manner that they can easily support heavier laptop computers.

Built into the table itself are two cooling fans that are great for those big 17″ laptops that are heavy heat generators. The fans will keep your laptop cool, for many hours, as you pound on the keys of your keyboard. For those of you who will be using the table for a tablet computer, notebook computer or other device, the fans will not be needed. This will benefit those whose devices don’t include a USB cable.

Will I Be Stuck with a Boring, Solid Black Table?

The Portable Bed Tray also comes in pink, silver, and purple, as well as the standard black. Other advantages include a stable surface that can be adjusted to many different angles and is suitable for any electronic device. This table would make a great gift for anyone who is confined to a bed due to health reasons and unable to use a standard standing table or tray.

Get your own Portable Bed Tray from Amazon and enjoy the cool comfort of portable computing from the sanctity of your own bed!

OrangeCD Player v6.0.6.10811

This program reminded me of my first few experiences with a computer. I remember the first time I stuck a CD in my PC and thought, “Wow, it can play CDs, too!” Of course, that was more than a few years ago and a lot of time has passed since then. Now my computer is also my stereo – so I am always looking for interesting new ways to enjoy my audio experience.

One of the most recent programs I have tried playing with was the OrangeCD Player. After installing, my first thought was, “It is not orange!” but I am happy to say that was the last disappointment it gave me. Here are a few more details on it from the developers:

OrangeCD Player is a classic tray-based CD player, featuring a complete set of playback functions, including programmed and random play, and a smart retain-position function (even if you restart your computer every ten minutes, you don t have to listen the first track over and over). It is designed to take as little desktop space as possible. Other features include integrated volume controls, internet title lookup via CDDB/FreeDB, direct track access, customizable menu layout and mouse events.

Now with programs out there that will play music, make toast, and play movies – why do you need this throwback to the stone ages? Well, for me I like to have a few programs that do their jobs very well rather than one program that just does an “OK” job at a lot of things.

[1.4M] [Win98/ME/2k/XP] [FREE]

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