TeamViewer For Cross Platform Tech Support

Normally when it comes to tech support, I find myself lending a hand to those in need without much distance involved. For so many things, being there is person is just easier. But in recent years, there have been a lot of great improvements that now allow people to support friends, family, and clients from their home offices.

Having used every application imaginable has given me a lot of insight as to the shortcomings of most remote control software options. Only recently have I seen more of them beginning to support OS X. And believe me, it’s about time. But sadly, this has left those of us using Linux distros such as Ubuntu largely in the dust. And setting up SSH with X Forwarding only goes so far.

Then I started using TeamViewer. What I love about using TeamViewer most is the fact that I am now supporting folks who use Windows and OS X, all from my Ubuntu box. Yes, I am providing tech support with all of the bells and whistles, without needing to boot into a Windows installation.

Another killer feature is that my Windows and OS X users can avoid anything complicated. Just download and run a non-installing quick help program. Boom, I am connected securely without dancing around firewalls or router configs. The “Instant Customer” support application is just what the doctor ordered when helping anyone out on either platform. Best of all, all of the applications are free for non-commercial users. Did I mention the remote support option for the iPhone?

From the strong data compression for speed to remote ctrl-alt-del and reboots, I could not be happier to see that TeamViewer decided to find a way to include the Linux users out there. It’s about high time.

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