New services that use Twitter in interesting ways are constantly being built. Exchanging simple messages is great and all, but there’s more that can be done, and these services are proving that that’s true. Twitter users love to share links with one another, and Twitter does provide a great way to blast out a simple message and a link to a number of people. TweetCube takes this one step further by enabling you to upload and link to files from your Twitter account. 

You can upload as many files as you would like, but the maximum file size limit is set at 10MB and files are deleted after thirty days. Therefore, TweetCube isn’t a long-term hosting solution, so you’ll have to go the traditional hosting route if you want your files to stick around. Despite this, TweetCube is a wonderful solution to help get files out to your followers quickly, and that’s really what it’s all about. After all, many Twitter posts aren’t even recalled one day later, so you can just imagine how long thirty days is in Twitter time.