Miss Hold ‘Em For Windows 7 Ultimate? Here Is A Way To Get It

For those who upgraded from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate, you may have noticed that Hold ‘Em was gone. The game which is based on the Texas Hold ‘Em poker, was removed and Microsoft never did explain why the game was removed. But there is a simple way to get the game back into Windows 7 Ultimate.

Step 1.

Download this zip folder.  It contains all the necessary files required to install Hold ‘em on Windows 7 x86 & x64.

Extract the contents to your desktop, then  right click Install.bat and click Run as administrator.

Step 2.

A command window will open prompting you for a keystroke to begin.

Once it has finished it’s job, it will prompt for another keystroke to exit.

Once the installation is complete, go into your Games folder and you will see that Hold ‘Em has been added.


Source – Windows Guide

How Long Does It Take To Upgrade Windows 7 From One Version To Another? How About 10 Minutes

As you may have recalled I bought my wife a new Toshiba laptop for her birthday. [Here is the unit I bought] The laptop originally came with Windows 7 Home Premium which I wanted to upgrade to Ultimate. So this evening I pulled out the Ultimate disk and used the built in Windows Anytime Upgrade feature which is built into Windows 7.

After typing in the serial number, getting it verified as being genuine, the install process started. In less than 10 minutes the upgrade was complete and Ultimate was up and running.

I just I thought I would share this since I was surprised the upgrade process was so quick.

Shuttle – Our Systems Work With Windows 7 Ultimate

In what could be a preemptive strike by a computer company, Shuttle is announcing that their computers work with Windows 7 Ultimate. If you are not familiar with the Shuttle name, they produce what is best described as mini-computer known for their space saving designs. In a press release the company states the following information:

Elmshorn/Germany, 2009-08-14. Shuttle Inc., the market leader in the Mini-PC sector and manufacturer of Multi-Form-Factor solutions, now certifies that its products are fully compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system.

In a complex process the Product Management Team in Taiwan conducted initial tests of several different machines and Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. All tested machines were ready for use following installation of the operating system and drivers from relevant manufacturers.

Turnkey Mini-PC complete systems with 24-month pick-up-and-return service are already in preparation and are expected to be available from specialist retailers or via the Shuttle Systems Configurator when Windows 7 goes on sale.

Click this link to download a PDF file with a list of all tested Mini PCs:

Suppliers of Shuttle Mini-PC Barebones and complete systems can be found via the “Shuttle StoreLocator” www.shuttle.eu/buy.

I am sure in the next few months we will be seeing more OEM’s touting their computers as Windows 7 compatible.

Which brings up another interesting point. Just because an OEM says their systems are compatible, is this enough for we consumers? What we need to know also is how the new operating system performs with any given hardware.

Comments welcome.


Microsoft Will Provide Windows 7 Testers A Copy – But There Is A Catch

Originally Microsoft had decided that those who received an invitation to beta test Windows 7, would not be getting a free copy of Windows 7. But there were so many angry complaints that Microsoft has changed their mind. But there is a catch. Only those who were invited to test the new Windows will receive a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.

On the Windows Blog it states that:

To show our appreciation, members of the invitation-only Windows 7 Technical Beta Program will be eligible for a free, final copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. For more information on how to take advantage of this, refer to Paul’s post in the .Beta_Program newsgroup for details.

Further details are forth coming.

Comments as always are welcome.


Has Windows 7 Ultimate Been Cracked Already?

It is hard to believe that a crack for Windows 7 Ultimate has already been found, in view of the fact that the final RTM hasn’t even been released. But a Microsoft spokes person has confirmed to Neowin the following:

A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to Neowin: “we are aware of reports of activation exploits that attempt to circumvent activation & validation in Windows 7, and we can assure customers that Microsoft is committed to protecting them from counterfeit and pirated software. Microsoft strongly advises customers not to download Windows 7 from unauthorized sources. Downloading Windows 7 from peer-to-peer Web sites is piracy, and exposes users to increased risks – such as viruses, Trojans and other malware and malicious code—that usually accompany counterfeit software.”

According to the Neowin article the exploit came about from a ‘leaked Lenovo OEM DVD .ISO file’. One may recall that a leaked activation had also occurred for Windows XP. What eventually happened is that the leaked key prevented updates, fixes and patches from being applied.

So as the spokesman states, be careful out there in Windows land.

Comments welcome.


Not Everyone Is Happy With Windows 7 Upgrade Prices – Especially Ultimate Users!

‘Welcome to the Windows Blog’ is the greeting one gets when they bring up Microsoft’s site. But when it comes to the pricing of Windows 7, not everyone is a happy camper. You see, Microsoft has given a significant price cut for pre-ordering Windows 7 Home and also Windows 7 Professional. Oops! What about Ultimate? Microsoft continues to step on the feelings on those who were suckered into buying Ultimate with promises of rich features to follow. Well get out the Vaseline Ultimate users because there will be no price cuts for you people.

Some folks are so happy with this arrangement, they have expressed their happiness over on the Windows blog this way:


I am VERY disappointed as others are that there isn’t a discount for ultimate during that time period.  I have FOUR machines that have Vista Ultimate, so now I am going to have to pay about $880 to upgrade them to the same level in 7…


this is ridiculous! XP and Vista owners get the SAME upgrade price?!!!!!!!!! Windows 7 is practically a service pack of Vista. It’s what Vista should have been.

Vista owners should at least get the upgrade for half price for an unlimited time. Something at least! Throw a dog a bone! This is not the way to treat your customer who bought XP, then upgraded to Vista!!!!

Microsoft, these prices are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! Take a page from Apple’s playbook! One version, One inexpensive price for everyone!

I’m a PC, and I’m mad as heck!

Hurricane Andrew

Was hoping Vista Ultimate to 7 Ultimate upgrade would get a special deal, but Ultimate is not even made available for the pre-order discounts being offered, which is disappointing.


So first we Vista Ultimate users pay a huge price for a a Vista version that is not in any way worth the money and now we have to pay a even more for an upgrade? WTF? Alteast make the ultimate _upgrade_ cost as much as the professional upgrade. Otherwise it’s like double tax!

Was looking forward to W7, not so much now


This is a load of crap!  I bought VISTA ULTIMATE 2 years ago and have fought the problems since.  I have tested 7 since it came out in beta and am not getting a reduced Price as sort of an I’M SORRY from Microsoft for buying Millenium #2 in Vista Ultimate.  We hardcore MS buyers (not piraters) and testers should get a big discount on 7 Ultimage!  But we don’t even get early discount pricing?  UBUNTU is free, and if this is truely the way MS will treat us then UBUNTU here I come!




What a joke.

I have had to put up with vista ultimate for two years, with all the problems, and now I get to “upgrade” at full price???!!!! You should be giving it to me for free, plus pay for the medical bills for the ulcers the damn program has given me. You had better rethink your pricing or you will be losing a lot more customers than you already have due to the catastrophe that vista is. Oh, and do I have this right…I get to prepay before it is available. Brilliant!!!

There are more comments but you get the drift. There are some unhappy Ultimate users that have expressed their views.

What do you think? Should the pre-order pricing have included Ultimate? I think it should of.

Comments welcome.

Windows Blog

Microsoft Gives Up On Ultimate Extras

When Vista was getting ready to hit the streets, Microsoft promised that Vista Ultimate would be cutting edge technology. They promised us that for those who chose to purchase Ultimate at a reasonable $399 per disk, they would be blessed with technology features beyond your wildest dreams. OK. I made that part up. But Microsoft did promise that the Extras in Ultimate would be cutting edge, making Ultimate more secure and offering the newest and greatest games.

What a crock. The company failed to deliver on any of this and lamely gave us some screen savers and one game of poker. Big deal. Now Microsoft says that they no longer wish to partake in their promises and want to expend their energies on making Windows 7 the best OS ever.

Isn’t this the exact same thing that has happened to our financial community? lies, stealing, cheating all in the name of greed. We the public are get sticking bailing out this idiots and we should just stand by and take it in the shorts. I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of having corporate America screwing us.

Microsoft should refund monies to those who opted to purchase Windows Vista Ultimate.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.


What Ever Happened To Vista Ultimate Extras?

When Windows Vista was first introduced it was promised that the extras in Windows Ultimate would knock our socks off. So what ever happened to the so called ‘extras’ ?

I went over to the Ultimate site and found this overwhelming assortment of extremely valuable software.

  • Sound Schemes – two new themes.
  • Dreamscene – video background.
  • Language Packs – use multiple languages.
  • Bitlocker – encrypt your data.
  • Hold ’em Poker Game – Texas poker game.

So what do you think? Was Ultimate a rip off?

Comments welcome.


PS Windows 7 will have three catagories: One for Netbooks, one for consumers and one for the enterprise.

Windows Vista Ultimate For $169.99 or less…

I was surfing looking for a barebones system for a group of teens I mentor, when I stumbled upon Vista Ultimate being offered for $199.99. I haven’t kept tabs on Vista pricing lately so the price seemed below what Microsoft had originally reduced the operating system to, after the orinal and ridiculous price of $399 for the full version. So I did some more checking and found even cheaper versions were available.

Over at Newegg they were selling the system builder version of Vista Ultimate for $169.99. But hold on. Over at TrustPrice they had a copy of Vista upgrade for $120 which indicated it was a student discount. Interesting.

So how low can one go? Well if you are a student in California attending a community college you can get a copy of Vista Business upgrade for $45.00 + CA. tax. Check out the Foundation of California Community Colleges for details.

So how low can you go?

Comments welcome.



Vista Ultimate Extra’s – Still Waiting

Back on July 3rd, 2007, I did an article in which Microsoft stated that more Vista Ultimate extras were on the way. In the announcement it was stated that:

When we launched Windows Vista in January 2007, we identified Windows Ultimate Extras as a unique series of add-ons that would be available to Windows Vista Ultimate customers. To date, we have released four sets of Extras – Windows Hold’Em, 16 Language Packs for the Windows multi-language user interface, Secure Online Key Backup, and Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool. We want to let our Windows Vista Ultimate customers know that we are actively working to deliver the remaining Extras that we identified in January. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality, most secure and reliable offerings, and as a result we are continuing our work on these offerings. We apologize for taking so long to provide a status update to customers.

We intend to ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs by the end of the summer. We will not ship the last two Extras showcased in January (Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs) until they meet the high quality bar required by our enthusiastic customers — and we believe that we can achieve that bar by the end of this summer.

We also intend to deliver additional Extras in the future. In addition to Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs, we plan to ship a collection of additional Windows Ultimate Extras over the next couple years that we are confident will delight our passionate Windows Vista Ultimate customers. We cannot identify dates or provide details at this time — but once we ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs, we will provide more information about the next Extras.

Barry Goffe

Director, Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft Corporation

Quick question? Do you think Microsoft lied about Vista Ultimate extra’s? Are Ultimate users starting to feel like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed crap?

Comments welcome.



HP Computer With Vista Ultimate Running Slow

A reader responded to an article from back in March 24, 2007 [here], and stated they were having issues with their HP system using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate edition. This jogged my memory and made me wonder how many others are suffering slow performance because of what we call ‘crapware’. Most notable of the freebie programs that come preinstalled on some systems are security suites that will slow down your system to a crawl.

Reader Desalegn statement indicated slow performance and freezing of their system and that all drivers & BIOS had been updated. My last reply was this:

Hello Desalegn,
I would take a look than at your anti-virus protection or any additional software that either came preinstalled, you installed later, such as security suites.

In particular Norton, McAfee and so forth. Let me know if you have any of these programs. Even 3rd party firewalls can slow or freeze a system. We usually refer to some preinstalled stuff as ‘crapware’ aka ‘crap’

Read this about crap remover:


This Dell user with a slow system until the crap was removed.


These issues are not confined to Windows Vista. Windows XP users also suffered from ‘crapware’ as well. The bloatware installed on most systems was crippling. :-(

I hope that this may help others who are having issuess with their system as well.

Comments welcome.

Dell Says Last Chance For Windows XP Is June 18, 2008

Dell is advising customers that the last day to get a Windows XP systems is going to be June 18th, 2008. After this date Dell will be operating under Microsoft’s downgrade rights policy.

Per the Microsoft®  Windows Life-Cycle policy, Direct OEM and Retail License Availability for Windows XP will End-Of-Life (EOL) on June 30, 2008. To meet Microsoft’s June 30 last-day-to-ship OEM Windows XP deadline, June 18 is the last time to purchase a Dell laptop, desktop, or workstation with an OEM Windows XP license.

After June 18th you have the option to purchase Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate with a downgrade service to Windows XP Professional. If you transition to Windows Vista, don’t transition because you have to, transition because you want to!

So this may be your last chance to get a Dell with Windows XP installed unless you either go with the downgrade rights or install Windows XP yourself.


Test Drive Vista Without Installing It On Your PC

Microsoft is offering a test drive of Windows Vista Ultimate without having to install the operating system onto your computer. You can run the system right through your browser to see what you think of the new OS. In addition to testing the OS, videos and tutorials are also provided to assist a new user into the ins and outs of the OS.

Microsoft states:

The test drive is intended for evaluation purposes only.

  • The test drive requires Internet Explorer 6 or later, a browser plug-in, and a broadband Internet connection. A minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution is recommended.
  • There is no product support for the test drive. You are welcome to participate in a Microsoft Windows Vista newsgroup to share your trial experiences with others and ask for advice. Find a Windows Vista Newsgroup.
  • The Windows Vista version hosted in the test drive contains most of the functionality of the regular versions, but browsing the internet is not enabled.
  • You may notice a slight delay or pause as you experience the product. This is due to the fact that this is a hosted trial and is dependent upon your bandwidth, local machine resources, etc. This does not necessarily represent the actual experience you will have with Windows Vista if it were installed on your PC.

So take Vista Ultimate for a spin and see what you think. Let us know what your experience with this trial has been after you use it.

Comments welcome as always.

Try Vista Ultimate for free here.

Microsoft Delays Windows Vista SP1 For Some Language Packs

On the Microsoft Windows Team Blog, information has been posted that indicates that for some language packs, the release of SP1 could be delayed for Ultimate users. On the blog it states that users of the English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish should have no problems. But others who use a different language could get this message when installing SP1:

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 cannot be installed on your computer because the language of Windows Vista you have installed is not supported or you have installed a language pack that is not supported.

Windows Vista Service pack 1 can only be installed on computers running the English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish versions of Windows Vista or computers running only those language packs.

In looking through the comments I noticed this post from a disgruntled Ultimate user. Though it does not specifically address the language pack issues, it does hit the nail on the head for us Ultimate users:

Using Vista is a kick in the pants compared to XP.

Using Vista Ultimate just adds insult to injury.

Not only have you defrauded your users who paid more for non-existent or extremely lame “extras”, but now many users who may have installed the language packs have to wait even longer for a Service Pack that will (we hope) reduce the pain of using this problem-riddled OS.

When presented with the meager extra lists, I’m sure many users simply installed all of the available extras just so that they could feel like they got something, anything for their extra cash. Now they pay the price.

You and your team should be ashamed of yourselves.

I think the lack of extras as originally promised from Microsoft for those who purchased the Ultimate editions, may come back to bite the software giant in the butt.

Comments welcome.

Microsoft blog article is here.

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Students – Get Microsoft Office Ulimate 2007 For $59.95

If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer as of yet, time is running out since the offer will expire on April 30th, 2008. Students can apply to download Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 and receive a product key all for just $59.95. Microsoft describes those who are eligible as:

Promotion Eligibility:
This offer is good only to eligible students who possess a valid email address at an educational institution geographically located in the United States. This offer is non-transferable. Limit one purchase per eligible student.

The following conditions serve to define student eligibility for the Promotion:


Individual must possess a valid e-mail address at a U.S. educational institution which contains the domain suffix .edu; AND

Individual must be a student at a U.S. educational institution and must be actively enrolled in at least 0.5 course credit and be able to provide proof of enrollment upon request.

Microsoft or an appointed vendor may contact you to verify that you are a current student. If documentation is not provided indicating that you are a current student, you will be liable to reimburse Microsoft for the full retail cost of the software ($679).

Website and details are located here.

Comments welcome.

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