Would you feel comfortable saying that you have an online presence? That sounds a little metaphysical, but if you have a Web site, blog, or Facebook account, then you have an online presence. In fact, there are so many online tools available today that it’s hard to not have an online presence. Most of us even have an online presence that consists of a variety of different parts. UnHub wants to pull all of these parts together and give you a way to showcase your online persona.

As of right now, UnHub offers a profile bar and a link shortener. The link shortener is useful, but a lot of visitors will probably be more interested in the profile bar at first. Basically, you’re provided with a custom UnHub URL that has a bar at the top of the page that links to your profiles on services like Flickr and LinkedIn. In other words, all you have to do is link to this one URL and people will be able to see what your online presence is made up of in a simple and nice way. This type of thing is becoming more essential as we continue to get inundated with new social services.