has been live for a little over a month now, and guess what – people are still watching Justin as he goes about his daily business. Even when it’s not interesting, it’s still interesting. Isn’t it funny how that works? If nothing else, one of the main things that it’s accomplished is convincing others to do the same and broadcast portions of their life over the Internet for the public to see. You may not have the same exact “glamorous” setup that employs, but as long as you have a webcam and an Internet connection, then you’re golden, thanks to

Twitter may encourage us to write what we’re doing right now, but encourages us to show what we’re doing right now, which is a big difference. Simply put, if you’ve ever wanted to broadcast your very own, then this is the place to do it. In addition to being provided with a custom page that features a live and embeddable video stream, you’ll also be able to encourage your viewers to leave comments and chat with other viewers in real time. In reality, is like in a box, and I’m sure they don’t mind the comparison since it’s led to a large part of their success.

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