Why Were The AT&T, iPad Hackers Ignored By Reuters And Other News Media?

While everyone on the Internet — journalists, bloggers, TV news and other media — were falling all over themselves to report about the hacking of AT&T and the Apple iPad, there was another story playing out behind the scenes that is now coming to light. It is being alleged by the hackers that they had sent the same information to Reuters, News Corp, The Washington Post, and The San Francisco Chronicle — all ignored the story.

If the allegations are true, it makes one wonder why these agencies did not report the hacking?

An article over at Forbes states:

“I disclosed this to other press organizations first (ones who had iPad users affected by the breach, lol) and was ignored,” writes Weev in an email. “Gawker found out and ran with it immediately.”

To prove it, Weev sent Forbes copies of emails sent to press at Reuters, News Corp, The Washington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle. The veracity of the emails has not been confirmed, but each has a timestamp dating back to Sunday night.

One of the purported emails is included at the bottom of this post. For privacy, some information has been redacted but it was addressed to 11 Reuters email addresses, including [email protected] and [email protected]

Asked if Gawker paid for the scoop, Weev said the publication did not provide remuneration. “we did a benefit analysis and decided they could take our story viral the fastest,” he writes in an email.

For those who love any story that may show a conspiracy to repress the news, this could turn out to be more important than the hack itself. It does make one wonder if the news is being filtered to us by these agencies.

I believe that we can agree upon the fact that the news is and has been ‘shaded’ by certain groups for their own agenda and that we do not always get the correct interpretation of what actually happened.

So what do you think? Conspiracy or mistake? You decide.

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Source – Forbes