Use Correct Capitalization In Your Documents

Knowing when to capitalize words within a sentence can be tricky, even for experienced technical writers. However, any technical writer should be aware of when to capitalize certain words within a sentence. Of course, you may think that this is simple and that all you need to remember is to capitalize the first letter of each sentence. This is definitely not the case. There are a number of other rules that apply to capitalization, which are summarized below.

  • Capitalize the first word of each sentence.
  • Capitalize the first person singular word I.
  • Capitalize proper nouns including the names of specific people and organizations, places, and in certain circumstances, things.
  • Relationships should be capitalized when used as proper names, as seen in the following two examples:
    • We went to visit Aunt Margaret.
    • We bought Mom a new car for her birthday.
  • Geographical locations should be capitalized, as seen in the following example:
    • The last place I visited was Chicago, Illinois.
  • Do not capitalize directional names when they refer to compass directions. The following examples demonstrate this:
    • You must turn west on Highway 12 to reach your destination.
    • The school is three miles south of our home.
  • Capitalize the days of the week, months of the year, and holidays.
  • Do not capitalize the seasons unless they are used in a title. Note the following three examples:
    • I work out every Tuesday evening.
    • We are taking a vacation in February.
    • We are going on a vacation this winter.
  • Capitalize the names of newspapers, magazines, and journals.
  • Capitalize the names of historical events. For example:
    • We are studying World War I in our class.

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