Put Location Awareness To Work At The O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference

The first Web 2.0 innovations helped us make new connections on a global scale. The rise of location-aware tools, linked with the growing ubiquity of real-time, social, and mobile, is swinging the pendulum back to the human and local scale.

Location has permeated our collective wisdom, informing our online and in-person experiences, our business models, and our ability to change the world. Location information is a force for both opportunity and disruption, ready to explode our assumptions about the limits of the internet operating system.

The dramatic increase in the number of products, companies, and people affected by the expansion of location technologies has shaped the 2010 edition of Where 2.0 into three distinct, simultaneous tracks:

How will the location ecosystem shake out as the big corporate rivalries heat up? Are mind-bending tools like augmented reality and 3D mapping delivering on their potential? What unconventional ideas are connecting the dots of location with mobile, social, and real-timethe other pillars of Web 2.0 — to create the next generation of killer apps, services, and devices?

Mission-critical technologies. Ideas that matter. Industry-shaping trends. Really smart people. Keep track of where the location conversation is going at the 2010 O’Reilly Where 2.0 Conference.

Happening March 30-April 1, 2010 at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, California, Where 2.0 brings together the people, projects, and issues building the new technological foundations and creating value in the location industry. Join with developers, technologists, CTOs, researchers, geographers, academics, business developers, and entrepreneurs to debate what’s viable now, and what’s lurking just below the radar. Learn more about Where 2.0.

Important Dates
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