Microsoft Responds To Google – Windows Is Secure

After the rumors about Google  yanking all Windows PC from the company because they are not secure, Microsoft responds with a shot across the bow of the good ship Google. On the Microsoft blog the first shot being fired was this:

There is some irony here that is hard to overlook. For starters, check out this story from Mashable a few months ago where it was reported that Yale University had halted their move to Gmail (and their move to Google’s Google Apps for Education package) citing both security and privacy concerns.

The article goes on to state that Microsoft has improved their security citing many of the improvements made over the years and culminating with Windows 7. Check out the link below to read the entire article.

If Microsoft and Google were countries, they would of declared war on each other by now. So it should come as no surprise with Billions of dollars at stake, these two technology giants have just begun to fight. Microsoft has their Bing going against Google search, Google has their Chrome browser going after IE and the biggest challenge will be whether Google can attack Microsoft’s cash cows. Google apps in the cloud are going after MS Office users and the biggest will be how well Google Chromium OS can do against Windows.

So what do you think? Who’s going to win the war?

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Windows blog article is here