The kind of writing that I do is quite solitary. I find topics, examine and research them, write a story, edit it, send it in, and I’m done. That’s really all there is to the entire process. Yes, there are multiple parts, and there are people who are in charge of organizing and scheduling the time of publishing for the content, but I’m responsible for what gets out there. Unlike the writers involved in traditional media, I don’t have to submit my work for exhaustive editorial review. That’s quite a relief, and I know that most bloggers couldn’t be happier about the streamlined process. Granted, there have been times when I’ve needed to work on a document or message with another person, and instead of playing e-mail tag, another solution is to use Writeboard.

This free service allows you to write collaboratively with others. Just write something like you would normally do, share it by entering the e-mail addresses of the recipients that you want to participate, and then encourage revisions. There’s no need to fear that anyone will delete your work because every time that an edit is saved, a new version of the document is archived and linked to. Any two versions of the text can be compared, and this is useful for pointing out what actually changed. What once may have been solitary is now becoming quite social.

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