GEDs Taste Better Than Soap

I was happy to read on Geeks recently that community member Steve has obtained his GED. I’ve often talked in the past about how important an education is. These days, you cannot get any type of job if you’re over 18 years old and don’t possess a high school diploma or GED. There are college graduates who hold a Bachelor’s degree competing for the same entry-level positions that everyone else is hoping to land.

The economy sucks, plain and simple. People who have had job security for many years are suddenly finding themselves at the front of the proverbial unemployment line. These are hard working people who have many years’ worth of experience doing whatever it is they do. Yet, they’re out there pounding the pavement because their company — and job — has dried up.

Having an education is more critical now than ever. Even if you feel you aren’t the “school type,” I urge you to go. Get a degree. Research what jobs are hiring in your area, and focus on that. Look at what types of jobs are trending in the country you live in, and build on that (and your talents!). Whatever you do — stay in school, or get your GED.

Congratulations, Steve! Our whole community is proud of you.

Yours digitally,

Chris Pirillo
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Congratulations to community member Steve upon receiving his GED!

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Yahoo! Live

Online video is certainly a hot thing right now, and it’s become easy for anyone to either watch or create their own videos on the Internet. This isn’t just some fad, either. This is the future, and many people have opted to get rid of their cable or satellite television service and stick with what they view on the Web. Most of the time what you watch online is prerecorded, but live broadcasts are becoming more commonplace thanks to services like, Ustream, and Qik. These live video broadcasts really bring online video to the next level, and some of the major players in the technology arena have taken notice. Yes, even Yahoo! has now thrown their hat into the ring with Yahoo! Live.

The interface is slick, and Yahoo! Live contains many of the same features that are a part of other live video services. For example, these live sessions can be embedded, and things get interactive though text chat and other means. Since Yahoo! is such a large company, you might expect their network to be able to support the demands of this service, but it’s still an experimental release, and it’s just not very stable right now. Because of this, Ustream and the others are making Yahoo! look bad, but hopefully the reliability will improve so that Yahoo! Live can become a true contender.