Yahoo Rolls Out Facebook Features – Will Microsoft Buy Facebook?

The L.A. Times posted an article in which it was described how Yahoo is rolling out new features for a better integration with Facebook. The story states that Yahoo at one time wanted to buy Facebook but that the deal fell through. So now Yahoo is hoping that by joining forces with Facebook it can keep its search clients from straying over to Google.

In the story it states that:

Yahoo users will be able to view their Facebook updates from their news feed on Yahoo. Yahoo is also making it easier for users to let their friends on Facebook know when they comment on an article on Yahoo sports, rate a movie or upload a photo to Yahoo’s photo service Flickr.

Yahoo also said it would rename its Yahoo Profiles service where people adjust their settings Yahoo Pulse. Part of Pulse will include a new privacy section that will let users manage what updates can be viewed on which services and by whom.

To that end, Yahoo recently recently did a deal with gaming company Zynga, which landed the games that have become so popular on Facebook. A partnership with Twitter announced in the spring will follow in the next few months.

“We are trying to create greater reach for content on the social Web by helping people share and produce content beyond Yahoo,” said Cody Simms, Yahoo’s senior director of social platforms. “We want to create more engagement by bringing social into the experiences people are already having on Yahoo.”

My first thought was, how long before Microsoft buys Facebook? It would seem like a great idea for the Redmond giant to buy Facebook and surpass Google for the first time ever. After all, isn’t this what Microsoft wants?

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Source – L.A. Times

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