Angry Birds Coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii

Angry Birds, one of the most addictive and popular mobile games in history, is taking its funny sounds and good game play to the big boys, thats right, Angry Birds is coming to a gaming console near you.

Rovio, the company behind the game, says that they are working on a version of the game for the popular game platforms Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3. CEO Peter Vesterbacka said in a interview that the games would launch next year.

Peter Vesterbacka also got all the Angry Bird fans going when he announced that the company is working on Angry Birds 2. The new game isn’t a sequel to the original though, but is instead a completely new game featuring the angry birds and the evil pigs.

Peter Vesterbacka also went on to say that the pigs will be a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds. He continued in his interview that there will be a lot more of the pigs in Angry Birds 2.

Be on the lookout for Angry Birds 2 in the next year or so and if you haven’t played it yet, join the band wagon, and get involved in the most popular iPhone and Android game in history.

Apple TV, Roku, Boxee Box, Or A Gaming Console, Which Do You Use To Stream Video?

With all of the new devices available for streaming video to a HDTV, I have taking a looking at the devices available. I have been a Netflix users for years and I am on the $9 a month plan which includes video streaming. I also have a 12Mbps Internet speed and have used video streaming on my laptop without issue. I also connected a Nintendo Wii to my HDTV, but notice that the picture quality was just OK. The Wii streams in SD only.

I took a look at the HD Roku being offered by Netflix for about $70. This also includes a wireless connection built into the system. In addition, I know that some of the newest Blu-Ray players now also comes with Netflix streaming ability built-in as well as wireless connectivity. After looking at all of the different connections, I am leaning toward the Roku.

So my question to you is this?

Is a Roku a good device or do you have a better recommendation?

Comments welcome.

Streaming Netflix Via Wii On An HDTV Review (Plus A Cheap Wii)

I’ve been procrastinating for the past month about using the disk Netflix sent to me for getting a Nintendo Wii to downstream movies. Netflix will send you a free disk to be used with your Wii to access movies on demand if you are a member of the $9 a month plan or higher. Activation is fairly simple. You slip in the Netflix disk on an Internet connected Wii, obtain a code, log into your Netflix account, use the code and your account is activated.

My concern was that the Nintendo Wii does not have an HDMI connection, which most HDTVs use for best sound and picture quality. But the game port on my Panasonic Plasma TV accepts the standard connectors that come with the Wii. So I hooked up the connectors and streamed a movie to my TV set. I chose the movie Robin Hood, the one with Costner, to view. Not because I am a Robin Hood or Kevin Costner fan, but because I was just interested to see how good the picture would be.

To my surprise the picture wasn’t bad. Not HDTV 720 or 1080p quality, but good enough to watch without complaints. I tried a couple of other movies and they also were acceptable to watch.

Bottom line is that movies from Netflix on demand service are OK for normal viewing. But if you are an aficionado who demands only the best Blu-ray quality picture and 7.1 booming sound, this may not be your cup of tea.

If you have used Netflix’s on demand service, what is you opinion?

Comments welcome.

PS Looking for a cheap Wii? Check out the Dell site. It has the original Wii for $159.99 plus free standard shipping. Click here.


I have to say that I’m definitely not a fan of karaoke. I enjoy playing music on instruments, but I’ve never been the type of person who sings for the sake of singing. It’s just not my thing. My wife and I recently had some friends over, and sure enough, everyone was drawn to the American Idol karaoke game that we have for our Nintendo Wii. It was fun watching them enjoy it, but I kept my distance from the microphone. My nightmare has also manifested itself online in the form of a site called Karaokeparty.

Just because I don’t like karaoke doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. In fact, Karaokeparty offers a lot of neat features that will appeal to karaoke fans. If your computer has a microphone, then you’re ready to go. The site contains a lot of popular songs that you and your friends can sing along to, and it will even rate you on how well you’re doing. I’m not sure if this karaoke experience is better than it is on a console or standalone karaoke machine, but it’s here for you if you want to use it.

Need A Nintendo Wii? Go To Wal-Mart

Starting on Monday. December 8, 2008, the super giant retailer Wal-Mart will be offering tens of thousands of the popular Nintendo Wii’s for sale. The retailer states that the Wii’s will be priced at $249.24 with an accessory bundle starting at $329 that includes the Wii with additional toys. The Wii is still kicking butt compared to the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS3. The article also states that:

The Wii has emerged as one of the most sought-after gifts this holiday season, which has otherwise been lamented for a lack of new and hot products. also said that it will offer, beginning on Monday, certain Wii video games at a price of two for $30, and certain accessories, like the Nintendo Wii Racing Wheel, starting under $10.

It is good to know that the Wii will be available. What is unknown is if the Wal-Mart web site will be able to handle the orders. This also seems like a great way to help shoppers by having them get the units online instead of coming into the store.

What do you think?



I used to play video games a lot more when I was younger, but as I grew older, I started getting involved in other things. Of course, when the Nintendo Wii was released, I just couldn’t pass it up, and since I own one, it has helped me to get back into gaming to at least some extent. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a gamer, but it’s definitely fun to play both new and old games on the Wii. There have been so many times in the past that I’ve wanted to share videos of certain gaming accomplishments with my friends, but before YouTube, there really wasn’t an easy way to do this. GameVee takes gameplay video sharing to the next level. 

Yes, other gamers do enjoy watching your gameplay videos, and the community of gamers on GameVee are a great group to show off your skills in front of. Whether you want to share your videos with everyone or just your select group of friends, you can make it happen here. The 500MB file size limit gives you everything you need to share those epic moments, and certain parts of the videos can even be highlighted for discussion.

Microsoft Cuts Price Of Xbox 360 – But Is It Enough To Catch Wii?

Several months ago I did a review of the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS3, and also the Nintendo Wii. I tried to be as objective as I could and rated the units for both their good and bad points. Once I was done I concluded that the Wii was my favorite just because it was more fun to play. Problem. The grandson who is seven years old wanted an Xbox 360. Grandpa wanted a Wii. Have you ever tried to use logic with a seven-year old? Having raised my own kids I should of known better. However, using past experiences I decided on a show and tell adventure.

I took the grandson to Toys R Us to buy him a bat and ball to practice baseball with. Grandpa already knew that our local Toys R Us has a fairly decent gaming room to try out electronic products, since I had scoped it out beforehand. So after getting what we needed, I steered the young pup over to the gaming area and with astonishment said ‘oh look, Xboxes!” Playing like I didn’t know they were there. So far, so good. Long story short, we played with all three consoles for a while then made our purchase and left. I didn’t mention anything about comparing units because I wanted his brain to cool off after playing all of the games.

You see, even if the rumor of Microsoft cutting the basic Xbox 360 price to $199 is true, there is one thing that the Wii has that can’t be added to the Xbox. The Wii is just a lot more fun to play. Not only for the player, but for the entire family. This is my personal opinion and I am sure others may disagree. Yes, I know that the Xbox has prettier graphics, maybe the PS3 does as well, but kids of all ages find the Wii fun. You can’t buy fun in a box.

So what do you think? If Microsoft cuts the price of the Xbox, will it catch up in sales to the Wii? Last I read, the Wii is outselling the MS unit almost 2 to 1!

Comments welcome.

PS The grandson made a decision and he agrees a Wii is more fun. :-)

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I Got to Play With The Ninetendo Wii – Review

I had previously mentioned that one of my neighbors has all three of the latest consoles, including the Nintendo Wii, and has allowed me to try the consoles to review. So this afternoon I went to his home to try the Wii console and see how it compared to the other systems.

Wii, pronounced ‘we,’ was actually purchased for use by the entire family since it is the only gaming console that requires the user to get off the couch and physically do something. I fired up the Wii and the first thing I noticed was the graphics were just OK, not stunning like the PS3. But they were still equal in quality to a DVD movie, which I think is pretty good.

It took me a few moments to get used to the wand controller, but once I did, I was bowling up a storm. Like any game, the more you play, the better you get. I was actually enjoying the game and physically moving, which was so much different than just parking your rear on a couch or chair.

Plus what struck me was that this could be used to entertain the entire family. Everyone can get in on the action, like bowling. Another thought that hit me is that this would be great to have at family gatherings. I recalled just before Christmas we had 21 family members over, consisting of 16 adults ranging in age from 18 to 66, plus five kids. Everyone could have played and joined in on the action. Especially since the learning curve is very easy.

And being a cheapskate (LOL), this is the least expensive unit of the bunch – that also makes it attractive. Though the graphics were not as good as the PS3 I tried, they were very acceptable. My overall conclusion was that I like it very much, so much so, that I would have no reservations about buying this unit for the family.

One problem, there is currently a shortage of units and you can’t buy one. :-(

See my previous take on the PS3 here.

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I want a Nintendo Wii!

I want a Nintendo Wii!

I never thought I’d say this. I thought I was done with video game consoles. I thought I’d just grown up.

It wasn’t always this way, of course. We started out with the Atari 2600, many many moons ago. My wife and I spent more on Atari game cartridges than we did on furniture, back in the day.

When the family came along, we progressed through the Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Xbox. (I think there was another console in there, but I can’t remember which one.) My wife, who once upon a time was addicted to Ms. Pac-Man burned out on video games long ago. And as the consoles became more and more powerful, I became less and less interested. Sure I love the cool graphics and great game play, but I just can’t sit and play for hours on end anymore.

Needless to say, we skipped the Xbox 360.

So when all the brouhaha started about the new PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii this fall, I sat back and yawned.

Big deal, I thought … new game consoles. We need to buy into the new technology and for what? Better graphics?

Where are the great games? What’s the compelling application?

After spending just an hour or two with the Nintendo Wii, I get it.

It’s all about getting up off the couch and interacting with the technology in a physical manner. I only had the chance to bowl a few games and box a single round, but I’m in love.

The premise behind the Nintendo Wii is genius, pure and simple.

The combination of physical movement and gaming technology needs to be hyper-charged. Dance Dance Revolution was just a start. Sure, it was fun stuff for folks who like dancing, but it’s a bit tiresome for more sedentary folks whose idea of fun is to get out and bowl or play golf or tennis.

The Wii gets people up and moving about, playing some of their favorite sports without leaving the house.

It’s just wicked cool.

The first thing that the aftermarket needs to fix is the flying controller problem.

I can’t wait for the controllers that will enable the greatest interactive soccer game of all time. I’m imagining two ankle bands and a head band … or basketball with two wrist bands … the possibilities are endless …
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Electronic Entertainment Expo Experience

I’ve never been to E3 before. The Electronic Entertainment Expo has largely been known for gaming – all the big guns are there. Microsoft made a few Xbox 360 announcements today, Sony made some PS3 announcements yesterday, and Nintendo is getting ready to announce the name for the next GameBoy: the Wee-Wii. The gaming industry is gigantic, towering over the television and movie industry with its addictive and progressive releases. It just so happens to be taking place in Hollywood’s back yard, too – at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The last time I was here was for a not-dead-yet Internet World back in the late ’90s. Not being a hardcore gamer, though, makes coming to these events much more interesting. I’m not wowed by the latest video card or the newest titles, but I’m drawn to the overall experience and culture of gaming. There’s big money in gaming for everybody, and that world is only going to get bigger, better, badder, and bolder. The solitaire crowd won’t be left out either. “Game Over” was just the beginning. This is the future of entertainment.
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